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  1. Nice fish mate well done, what lure did it take ?
  2. Well done dude my very first fish at browns was the very same sort of set up, hard work. Now days i use an electric reel.
  3. I cubed east of southern canyons had makos at the boat and got sick of catching Albies. Catch and release on albies lol kept a couple for a feed let the rest go and had fun catching them. Lotsa yellowfin caught but not by me unfortunately. The day panned out beautifully late arvo.
  4. Rip charts show a different view compared to fishtrack, looks good Pete. Anyway chat out on the water tomorrow, what time you leaving ? Ill be heading out about 6am
  5. Im heading out from botany straight to the temp break its almost off the gong.
  6. The things you can come across when out on the water, pretty nice looking conditions apart from that, very rarely see something like that.
  7. Your spot on Damo, well said.
  8. That lumo has caught me a 190 kg blue marlin lots of yellow fin albies and heaps of dollies
  9. The 2 bottom lures, the most productive lures i own 8inch pakulas evil & lumo.
  10. Well done mate nice fish, heading out tomorrow. Cheers Steve
  11. Good luck mate ill be out sunday monday.
  12. I use fishtrack and find ok have never used ripcharts but from what I can see ripcharts is not cloud free and sounds like a rip off. Fishtrack is $80 a year & and shows temps currents and gps co ords and u can even add your own gps marks cant complain at that price.