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  1. Dam leather Jackets, they are the size of a yakka and they eat and school up like a PIHRANA. Lower a bait down first and slowley wind it up to check if the jackets are under you. The squid are on the chew with the sephia in pure white being my favorite at the moment.
  2. Mate please start a new fishing show.... great fish.
  3. Great king for the bay.....mate. I have a HDS sounder also and replaced the transducer with an AIR-MAR p66 transducer. Fish targets are a lot more easy to identify with a lot less shit allover the screen.
  4. Great report mate ... and from past years, you are a great wealth of knowledge. Ive also broken many rods from fishing to transporting them or just being a silly bugger but yet to see one go BANG in the but section...LOL hope they replace it for you.
  5. Wow guys that was a good read, on one ugly fish that sounds to pack a punch.....Now im thinking my mate could have got a belt from it and not letting me in on the laugh.
  6. This one was foul hooked near Gymea Baths ... About 55cm and wight about 1.5kgs
  7. Great report mate... Nice to here the yakkas are back in numbers in the area you mentioned. They are a must, if we are all to be in with a chance to nail LEGAL size kings for dinner.
  8. Hi guys, ive fished the bay for many years also and im leaning towards the Port extension as the problem because i never found a problem until it start and its never recovered yet. On a positive note the more bait fish that stay in the bay and the cleaner the water can stay without storm water runoff should give us a great chance at having a crack at them.
  9. Love to see one swiming around my boat...awsome
  10. stevo-72


    The only thing i hate about EGIMAX is that it stains the jigs.
  11. stevo-72

    gps combo

    I agree , Get the furuno.. for off-shore work ,and i think its Aussie made...As for fords being taxis as a comparision to the Pro.s having furuno sounders i cant agree with this as contracts and deals goven this industry..Proven performance and word of mouth has gotten Furuno a quality name and no mass advertising and angler sponserships to push there product. IMO. Check out LOWRANCE on facebook and you will see the happy customers they have world wide ...NOT. Whem your warranty is up... toss it in the Bin because your head will spin the amout they will hit you with to repair the sounder... th
  12. stevo-72

    gps combo

    Stay away from Lowrance if your looking to fish off-shore alot, they are ok for bays rivers but you need to Drive there sounders and play with them alot to get the best out of them.
  13. Me also , got 15mile SE of Browns and it was pumping, Landed 2 albacore ..... came across Long Liner bouys and that made me head for home. 2mile out from botany head seen a massive seal over 100kgs easy smashing into a huge squid or cuttle fish flicking it into the air and just shredding it... awsome sight of the day.
  14. Im heading out also tomorrow , Heading east of browns stacko.....CH 21 vhf ill be yelling out to ya if we get connected.
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