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  1. Siesta911

    Solo Offshore Broken Bay

    Well done and congrats! By the way what do people say about bleeding instantly and icing them? It is a correct way I suppose...
  2. Siesta911

    Kings at Pittwater

    Hi Oldfella. Interesting stories... Sharing is caring I guess, especially to those who fish land based and had no chance to land a king. Everyone deserves feel the excitement! Cheers,
  3. Siesta911

    Kings at Pittwater

    Again, thanks Oldfella. Cound't agree more with you! Bryson, if you are willing to cross the bridge, you could try Little Manly - fish out of the rocks next to the Jump Rock. Must get there early to get a good spot though, say 3-4am. Until the dawn you can try squidding as well as catching yakkas. School of kings come around searching for brekkies at the dawn and if you have a live squid then, catching a king is very likely during this time of year. JFYI, one of my mates caught this giant jew there. Happy fishing!
  4. Siesta911

    Kings at Pittwater

    You must be right Hooked-Up! Thanks Oldfella for your tips. Very nice of you to share.
  5. Siesta911

    Kings at Pittwater

    Went to Pittwater yesterday. First fished at Stokes Point, but little productive. Then moved to the Soldiers Point. There absolutely dead water... Moved up to the West Head and there were a lot of kingy activities. Caught probably 6-7 of them, but all of them were around 60cm. While there, a king (must be) has snatched my bait fishing gear out of the boat!! I left it unattended while unhooking a rat. If anyone catches a king with my gear (Shimano Catana Rod, Shimano 2500 Baitrunner with light green braid on it), please let me know!!! Much appreciated. Happy fishing!
  6. Siesta911

    Trevally at Balmoral

    I would go in the evening or a few hours before dawn to catch squid. Harder to catch after sunrise I think.
  7. Siesta911

    Little Manly Cove - 28/2/17 - Fish frenzy

    Wow, well done guys! Did you use live worms for the whiting by the way?
  8. Siesta911

    Can I eat this?

    Red gurnard, one of best edible fish especially sashimi!
  9. Siesta911

    Kings for a day 28-3-15 new PB

    Well done and thanks for sharing.
  10. Siesta911

    Northern Beaches. Cracking whiting sesh

    Well done mate. Very nice of you to share live worms and prawns. Not many people do that!
  11. Siesta911

    Spend the time...

    Great report. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Siesta911

    Pittwater Squid - any Kingfish?

    Frozen squid is very good bait for kingfish provided no contact to freshwater is made. Once it touches freshwater, usually it is useless for kingfish fishing...
  13. Siesta911

    Leaping Bonito

    Nice fish mate. Well done. Leaping Bonito is one of best fish for Sashimi - but they don't stay fresh too long. Better to bleed and take the gut then ice it right away, and have sashimi within 5-6 hours time. I hope I can catch one or two this season too. Cheers,
  14. Siesta911

    Pittwater today

    Fished there on Friday and caught a legal size king (78cm) nearby the Scotland Island. Used a relatively large size live squid as a bait.