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  1. brett davis

    Blackies around in good numbers

    Thank mate will have a look around during the week
  2. brett davis

    Blackies around in good numbers

    Where can I get some weed would love to give them a try tomorrow. any suggestions
  3. brett davis

    Hawkesbury River Blue Swimmers

    Sunbury I thought I cleared this up with you way back in Jan 2015 No is the answer still
  4. brett davis

    Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Googles and snorkel a tea towel wrapped and tape around forearm,was my best way to catch a quick feed down Windang paddle out to the drop off on the last on the run in tide than float back to the boat ramp with the run out tide hanging on to the yack. grab them face first and than they grab you on the forearm, we'll most of the time anyway, this was also the best way to target the big males good fun
  5. brett davis

    Suburban Sydney Bass

    cattai creek i guess
  6. brett davis

    Still trying!

    If you want to try something now try a chicken drumstick I had two left out by mistake while cooking on the river last weekend as o joke put one on the hook half hour later 89cm landed by the 13 year old daughter she is shore it the best bait ever ,being her first cod no photo iPhone didn't like the drop in the drink from my top pocket on the release all good still have the memories
  7. brett davis

    School holiday Bream

    what area were you fishing in ,good haul
  8. brett davis

    The highs to lowes

    After a smashing the whiting sat morning ( ref to whiting fun post ) I decided to have a day on the blackfish started out at Kelso park and fished several spots all the way to lugarno 6 sold hours !!! YEP you guessed it a donut not a single down . A first for my self after 40 years of the dark art , kept looking to the sky for a sign from the old gentleman that first took me under his wing and pass on his skills, as he thought no one was interested in the humble blackfish any more . Well that was along time ago and another story . So did any one else get on to a few up the rivers ?? If so how far up I know there is plenty on the chew down the front . OFFTO PONDER MY NEXT ATTACK might heras the trout at wang
  9. brett davis

    Whiting fun

    Around 10 feet
  10. brett davis

    Whiting fun

    O size ball sinker straight to a number 4 long shank mustad. 6lb leader on 10 lb braid , 12 foot blackfish rod custom built 20 years ago still going strong. 2500 shimano reel
  11. brett davis

    Whiting fun

    Hit maroubar beach this morning for a quick one , the whiting were their in force. Nothing over 35 cm but plenty of them, smallest going 26 cm. landed 39 in a hour and a half , kept a bakers dozen. looks like I an cooking tonight . Fish were holding in very close right at your toes . Bloodworms and small slices of squid was the bait .
  12. brett davis

    Blood Worms And Beach Worms

    Has anyone tried the cat food tin drilled with holes trick ??? Does it really work
  13. brett davis

    Wet weather luderick

    Wanted to do the same this weekend but could not find any weed Any pointers well done on the black fish
  14. brett davis


    late report fished north entrance beach from the 1st till the 5th of oct morning and night each day for a total of around 50 hours bait was live beach worms and fresh mullet all caught Thursday night . a total of 5 yes 5 bites ,one 3 inch flathead a little stingray and three bream biggest going a whole 18cm. all where taken on the worms where are all the fish gone ?? i always end up with a feed no matter what time off the year I fish up their .
  15. brett davis

    Using Carp for bait & burley query

    mate as far as bait I have had great results with carp for bait . mud crabs seem to love it not so much the blue swimmers also yabbies' can not resist it . outside I have done well on snapper and flathead using carp strips for bait as burley I mix it with chicken frames and old bread and run it through a macerator freeze in into two kg blocks and drop it into the burley bucket as required . it melts slowly giving a constant flow of burley and at cost peanuts to make , I am pretty shore this is all legal but if not I am happy to be told other wise PS: THE ONLY GOOD CARP IS A DEAD CARP