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  1. cheers mate really appreciate it can't wait to get down there soon
  2. awsome mate, what did it end up costing ya? sorry for the questions would love to go down myself that's all
  3. mate looks like you guys had an awsome time where did you stay if you don't mind me asking?
  4. cheers guys will def be looking a one of these on the weekend (weather permitting)
  5. cheers Paul mate I think kissing is prob a no go as gets quite busy especially on a weekend but thanks for the other suggestions ill check em out
  6. hey fellow raiders I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for some land based spots during evening sessions I don't mind either along the George's river, Parra river or the Hawksbury as well Well lets just say Sydney Metro ? Any help would be great guys
  7. Staying at the entrance for the long weekend. I was just wondering how the fishing is there at the moment. Any specific spots producing? Will be landbased only. Cheers
  8. Just seen in the newspaper that 5kg carp are being caught around town farm lagoon in camden. Anyone been there before? Just checked it out on good but do't know if you can get down there?

    1. mazin1978


      Google sorry.

  9. My older dt28 had a cover for the clutch rod halfway up the housing, which when removed gives you access to the shift rod which can then be undone and removed.
  10. Take the red lead from the multimeter and plug it in the 10amp DC section, put the multimeter on the 10amp setting aswell. Go to your battery and leave the positive lead connected, remove the negative lead the put the positive of the multimeter on the negative of the battery, the negative of the multimeter on a good earth. This should give you a amp reading. For a radio it will be around 0.10 amps. To see that the clock is using the power take out the power to it or the fuse and the amps should drop, if it doesnt drop by much keep unplugging accessories until you find the culprit. EDIT: 0.10 amps is probably abit to high for the radio when its off, should be around 0.02 amps, which explains why my battery is draining after a week, damn lucas electrics :ranting2: Just done a similar thing on my car as something was draining the battery, easiest way is to pull out fuses until the amps drop, if your boat has any. Hope that made sense
  11. Yea warilla side, not near the entrance/island abit further up
  12. Were you fishing around windang wall area? I was there with a few friends and cousins, not really fishing (though couldnt resist a small flick), and seen a guy pulling in blackfish after blackfish for around 3 hours, while not many other people were catching anything. If it was good job
  13. Bad luck about the tailor mate. Which part of the creek were you fishing? I fished there mid last week, only managed undersize fish and 1 legal bream though. Had a run on my baitrunner on a live garfish but failed to hookup
  14. Heading to the Hawkesbury for the first time tomorrow. Any spots to try around Mooney Mooney area?

    1. Krispy !

      Krispy !

      You should try the harbour ;)

  15. Hey mate, was this land based off the rocks in front of the surf club? I fished there a couple times without getting a touch. Bait or lures?