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  1. g'day raiders, heading out this saturday, hopfully to target some jewies and reds, does anybody know how broken bay and offshore is fishing at the moment and any tips cheers luke.
  2. heading up berowra waters with prawn star to chase some bream and flatties on lure, should be a great day!!!

  3. same for me too, ive found that it floats fine and is easily visible to set the hooks wen the fish bites.
  4. g'day raiders, I would just like to get some other peoples opinion on a shimano jewel 762 snapper and a shimano stradic 4000, it was on sale for $389, is it worth that price ????? cheers cranky
  5. cheers mate, and you will get your yellowfin patience and you will suceed bro dont worry!!
  6. cheers slinky, the boys from the charter thought it was a GT but i thought it was a gold spot trevally, so I think i might submit it as a record. cheers cranky.
  7. g'day raiders, recently had a holiday trip to vanuatu a couple of weeks ago, we had a three hour charter as that is all the charter boat offered, with in no time we were at the fishing ground and started trolling, as soon as the lures hit the water we were onto a set of 6 kilo yellowfin tuna, after that the fishing went a bit quiet. so we heded over to a reef and berlied up, in seconds we saw a huge shadow in the trail, so the deckie baited up a chunck of barracuda and dropped it in the trail, then the rell started screaming off and I was in for a long battle, 20 minutes later the fish was landed, he measured up at 1 metre and weigh 12 kilo.
  8. well done mate a top fish for sucha hard fished area. well done!!
  9. yeah i saw u too prawn star ahahahahahahahahah
  10. g'day raiders, does anybody know what fish are prevelant during the winter months in the estuaries like forster and the hawkesbury river and some tactics on how to catch them as they might be a bit harder to catch. cheers. luke
  11. relax widz i belive u bro but still show me this pic yeah ahahahahahahahahah kingies ahahahahah
  12. your full of shit widz that u got a brean 40cm thats bullshit!!!!!
  13. g'day raiders, does anybody know how the offshore tempeature breaks like browns mountain and the peak are fishing at the moment and if the yellowfin are a decent size and in good numbers. cheers luke.
  14. I better be coming widz u bastard ahahahahahahaha and i cant belive i lost that fish on the weekend, it would of been at least 1.5 kg bro dead set
  15. the weather was good, but the water was a real dirty brown colour from all the rain but that didnt seem to fase the fish,we were also casting into a enterance to a little creek were a lot of freshwater was pouring into the river, I think all the fish wer waiting out the front of that waiting for all the stuff that will come out of the fresh water, but overall it was a good day and the weather was fine.