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  1. yer nice combo! got to love the stradic"s ,top real for the $$$$$$$
  2. mono's better for beach/rock fishing imo , tortue is a top line its really strong and can take nicks and line twist with eaze,, i use 20lb
  3. the high viz ones are for when you throwing lures around snags/trees , the multi colored ones change colours every ten meters so you know how how much line to let out! say jigging for kings and you can see there 80 meters down on the sounder,,but honestly i don't think it really matters if your using clear leader, what colour your using, i like the grey/green
  4. Wilson 4120!! nice rig ! 5120 good too but alittle heavy, ultimate jew rig yet great all rounder,they lock up high and are a great price,or can get a 4120 blank(pacific comp) and get custom made for under $200 with just real seat and guides,real light (work horse lol),, phill
  5. yer nice was gunna head out there for some weed today,but thought the swell was up ,maybe to morrow ,might take a rig and try get on of those reddys you got the other day. yum
  6. me and a few mates used to do this style of fishing all the time ! on a alot of well populated beachs(central coast) ,weve hooked big sharks on sun set with surfer still in the water and not useing burely alot of the times!! good fun!
  7. using big set drag will severely limit the life span on a cheapish real !specially fishing for kings! but 40/50 pound is the go
  8. i like your style!!!be doing the same
  9. yer guys thanks 4 the replies! been doing a little research lately! the sea jay tops the list 4 me! only the 5m is so so tempting
  10. your local sea rocks are a good place to look! go at low tide
  11. yer big fan of dexter russell and im a chief lol!!! your local butcher might hook you up for a good price if you are on speaking terms, most of them use dexters, phill
  12. yer hi guys looking for a new boat ,have a 10 hour 40 2 stroke mercury ready to roll so looking at hull only in the 435 or close to range(as mentioned in title). with prices varying alot for very similar hulls and was thinking of decking/fitting myself? but maybe just better to buy already done, just after a few opinions .. cheers phill
  13. if Avoca rocks is any thing to go by for rock fishing spots , yer its not good, its not hard to clean up after yourself, dont like to say and not throwing any accusations but IMO there's a certain minority which are largely responsible ,cheers phill
  14. the caravan park on main beach is a top spot!!!its been awhile and cant think of the name but very affordable and very friendly !!the fishing up there is second too none ,,my favorite spot ,,good luck,,phil