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  1. bump73

    Manly Dam?

    Perfectly legal to release them back where they are caught as explained here http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/pests-diseases/freshwater-pests/species/carp/groups/recreational-fishers The truth is recreational fishing makes little if any impact on carp numbers. It has taken 10 years or something to clear 2 lakes in Tassie using netting electrocution and numerous other methods. Anyone who thinks recreational fisherman catching and killing a couple here and there will actually make a difference to their numbers is kidding themselves. Ben
  2. Just remember that it is illegal to collect any bait from intertidal areas in Sydney Harbour. This copied from DPI site.. Intertidal protected areas Intertidal protected areas (IPAs) protect intertidal biodiversity and provide reservoirs of breeding stock to repopulate nearby exploited areas. They are located at Bungan Head, Mona Vale Headland, Dee Why Headland and Shelly Beach Headland (Figures 6 to 9). The entire shoreline of Sydney Harbour and its tributaries, including the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers and Middle Harbour, is also an IPA, excluding the shoreline of North Harbour from Manly Point to the southern end of Forty Baskets Beach (Figure 2). All IPAs extend from the mean high water mark to 10 m seaward from the mean low water mark. Collecting seashore animals is prohibited in IPAs. This includes crabs, snails, worms, cunjevoi, octopus, sea urchins, anemones, pipis, cockles, mussels, oysters and saltwater pink nippers (yabbies). Line fishing is allowed in IPAs but you must bring your own bait. http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0009/329319/Factsheet-737.pdf Ben
  3. Definately bass on the freshwater side as well as silver perch. I've got bass around dawn and dusk in summer by casting around the lily pads with small surface lures. Haven't tried in winter but was catching them last summer. I even saw a bream caught in the freshwater side of the weir so the fish ladders they have installed to let the bass breed are obviously allowing fish to move around. Ben
  4. Pike. Good jewie bait Ben
  5. Probably because there is a minimum size limit of 30cm for tailor and judging by the post they where smaller than that. I'm sure that everyone saying to chuck one out as bait is talking about ones that are over 30cm though But yeah if you get a legal one chuck it out there, i've even got jewies on just the heads. Ben
  6. Looks like a Nottingham Starback reel so could be about 100 years old, Would have to research it a bit more for an exact date pretty sure there are some forums for vintage reel collectors if you wanted to look into it further. Ben
  7. Nice work I've been trying to make at least 1 a week but larger stick baits and poppers for the kingies in summer. Are you doing a through wire construction or just screwing in eyelets for hook attachment? and what are you sealing them with. Ben
  8. Led lenser H7 gets my vote. Adjustable beam and strength weighs bugger all and is so damn bright on on highest setting. Ben
  9. Do you mean Palm beach on the northern beaches??? because that is Pittwater on the other side which is not exactly a lake LOL. You can get some nice flatties there and if you are lucky you can get salmon, tailor and even kingies chasing bait into the shallows within casting range. I'd take some metal lures like raiders to get some extra distance in case there are bust ups a bit further out. But i'd concentrate on the flatties and be prepared for what ever else shows up. Ben
  10. Mate thats pretty much impossible to answer without knowing at the very least what type of fish you want to catch. Your best bet would be to look through old reports and see where people have been getting the fish you want to catch, you'll then be able to see what bait they've been using etc. Also if you post questions like this in the "fishing chat" section you'll most likely get more answers than posting in the area thats meant for "reports" Ben
  11. Here's a link to a petition against the super trawler that will be working off Tassie. Was posted on another forum but it's times like these we all should stand together. http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-giant-fishing-trawler-in-tasmania?time=1340005902 Ben
  12. Larger fish could have been salmon, they have been all the way up near Gladesville over the last couple of weeks. Ben
  13. Can be pretty sketchy in any swell, here's a nice vid on how to get back in... Ben
  14. Manly Hydraulics Laboratory monitors the water levels in the lake. They have a table with water levels so you can get a rough idea as to when high and low tide will occur, Unfortunately the table doesn't have times just days.. http://mhl.nsw.gov.au/htbin/lw_level.com Ben