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  1. hi greg so that's where you've got to...chasing spotties...nice story mate and some cool fish gives us a bell if you fancy a blackfish session and a catch up...I've dug out the float rod this arvo and respooled Cheers Martin
  2. Yea...I spoke to soon ...the Baggy Greens had a great day in the's now game on ! Still at least there's the fishing
  3. Thanks Guys You are right it is gonna be bloody hard to leave this place come July ! Mind you there will be some decent cricket to look forward to back home rather than this one sided nonsense that is happening over here at the moment....only teasing guys..I'm sure Ponting's Posers will come good in the end !!
  4. Sorry it's been a while since I posted. Been busy trying to get to grips with the crazy world of fishing politics out here. Anyway...having been in Oz since May and been told to wait for the water to warm up and the Harbour would fire...well it clearly has...and with a vengance. Is there normally this amount of bonnito, salmon and tailor about ? I've even been catching them on livebaits intended for Kingies...crazy stuff !!
  5. With due respect I think you are missing the point. Angling is allowed in most areas of the Marine Parks but not in the Sanctuary Zones. These zones often contain the prime fishing grounds. We will not be able to unscramble the Marine Parks ( remember it was Abbott's mob who introduced the Marine Parks Act ) but we might be able to change how they are managed providing we can put forward a considered and well researched case. This is what I have tried to do and in it I challenge the 'dodgy science' that is used to exclude anglers from the majority of Sanctuary Zones. Most of the recreational fishos and fishery scientists I have spoken to in preparing this submission believe that there would be considerable value in anglers providing catch return data from these zones in a properly managed form. Given that we often spend more than the cost of our current annual licence fee on fuel, bait and tackle for a single trip out to fish near these Sanctuary Zones there is a danger that we could make ourselves look a bit ridiculous if we reject the notion of paying a few bucks extra a year to fish in them in a controlled and sustainable manner. I hope all Fishraiders will take the time to read through the submission and make their views known to the committee. We are running out of time as it is due to report in November. Best Wishes Martin
  6. It's bloody tough at the moment - I had a complete blank on Friday at Mosman which I didn't think possible !
  7. I am no longer an Aussie salmon virgin!

  8. Hi Steve Ignore my PM - I forgot i had sent you an earlier msg, I blame the beer.! I'm landbased but can't make this weekend but hey, another time, perhaps when I get back from my trip to Cairns in a couple of weeks ?
  9. Bagga We fished between cathedral and indian head and camped at Dundubara. The jewfish and the shark came from the gutter by the creek just up from cathedral. I also had whiting and tarwhine. No one was catching tailor until the wind changed on the thursday then it kicked off big time for those who stayed ! Martin
  10. Go watch this on your computer - All Raiders will be familiar with the general idea - but will it catch on in Oz ? Only in Iceland !
  11. Hi Steve I'm a relatively new boy too and would love to hook up with you and have my first go on those Northern Beaches and perhaps a afterwards ! Cheers martin
  12. Would have loved to stay but had a barge to catch then a 4 hour drive and then a plane ride - besides my host and driver had to go to work ! Thanks to my shit internet connection, courtesy of those morons at Optus, uploading pics at the moment is tricky but I will sort it out soon Can anyone help me re the rules for bait collecting in the Harbour ?
  13. The Blackfish seem to be prolific throughout the Harbour this winter with the bigger fish inside the bridge but I have not found Drummer west of Bradley's Head. However I'm still feeling my way at the moment.
  14. Well I just got back from my trip to Fraser Island where I caught heaps of hard fighting Swallowtailed Dart in the pounding surf while watching whales crash out of the water just a few hundred yards offshore , sea eagles circling overhead and dingoes waiting behind me in the sand dunes hoping for a free meal . Truely amazing experience even if the expected Tailor run didn't materialize while we were there. One of the guys caught a bronze whaler shark and a bigish jewfish from the beach which was great to see. I think I've finally learned how to start read a surf beach to know where the fish might be which will be useful now I'm back in Sydney. Also discovered the joys of beachworming and pipi hunting which i dont think we are allowed to do in the Harbour right.? Obviously, the weather changed the day we left and the tailor moved back inshore ! I got this message from one of the guys who stayed on.. " Hi Martin, Well as you drove down the beach the tailor started to come in and on the bite!!!!!. I caught 16 that day but Friday morning it was on for young and old all most a fish every cast, 30 to 40 guy's shoulder to shoulder. The fish ranged from 36 cm to 45 cm. One gentleman next to me catch one at 55 cm. The Fisheries came and checked our fish for size and bag limit...". Will just have to go back and try again !
  15. Thanks Guys Good tips and I'll let you know what occurs Martin