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  1. Lineclass

    repower with a volvo penta,,,

    That is absolutely disgusting I cannot believe that they can get away with this. I must say however that I am not surprised. Almost everyone I know who has the heartache of owning a volvo has trouble. A mate of mine in the Navy works on their RHIBs most of which are or were powered by diesel volvo's has nothing at all good to say about them. They barely get an hour out of them before they have new troubles.
  2. Lineclass

    Fishbones bags a biggun...

    well done guys, massive effort from one of the smaller boats chasing the big fish
  3. Lineclass

    fin action on mad mullet sat 14-7-12

    I've been wondering where that went! Thank god. You've seen the state it's in, I never go anywhere without that. You now know my secret
  4. Lineclass

    fin action on mad mullet sat 14-7-12

    The Mullet has been in fine form lately pal. Well done! I'm spewin I didn't come I almost had you convinced I was your lucky charm until then. Dan
  5. Lineclass

    Fin' Tomorrow?

    I've seen some photos on FB of some absolute beasts off shoalhaven today. Bring on tomorrow!
  6. Lineclass

    Wide Of Jervis Bay

    we took 4 from a 5 way hook up yesterday off Ulladulla. Same story, lots of birds, none working. Beer and music until we noticed a tuna bird ducking his head 100m away as opposed to all the other cruising. A sharp turn to port and 20 seconds later mayhem! All low 30's to low 40's, absolutely terrible trip home when the westerly picked up a bit earlier than the forecast I'd read. Good day! Dan
  7. Lineclass

    Sydney Bluefin

    I'm chasing SBT out of Ulladulla on Saturday mate. It's definately worth a look Dan
  8. Lineclass

    Going out Saturday any reports

    don't do anything silly mate. you need the points for next weekend
  9. Lineclass

    Reef Magic Weekend Report

    the biggest mako I've traced and noosed was 150kg mate and it was an awesome feeling, especially in a small boat. The boat that went down was a 27ft Cobia, a big yank CC that had a couple of twin 200 yammies on the back so heaps of weight. This thing would naturally sit bum down, so add reversing, fairly average conditions, an angler down the back, and yeah, backing down on a fish wouldn't have been a real good idea. At least everyones OK and the rest of us get to learn a lesson.
  10. Lineclass

    Reef Magic Weekend Report

    you're not wrong. I couldn't even hazard a guess what my heart rate would be tracing a mako like that, especially if he had plenty left in him.
  11. Lineclass

    Rough Day Sunday

    I tend to trim as much as I can without constantly cavitating. We got a nice little blue on saturday of about 130kg in 140 fathoms. Great show. Released in good condition. Dan
  12. Lineclass

    Port Stephens time

    good luck. am a touch jealous. picked a fair day for it, going to be a bit of SE all day so not an tough ride up at all, might even save some money on fuel!
  13. Lineclass

    Happy Days 2012

    Cheers Issue, and love the attitude. It had a big stick and it was willing to use it, that's how I ended up in this position..........
  14. Lineclass

    Happy Days 2012

    Agree! This is where Fishythings and I differ in opinion. I reckon it was a looooong way above what he reckons. My old man has one hanging on his wall (his first) that's 133kg and this fish wouldn't have gone close to fitting on the wall. Don't forget Scotty you weren't sure that that bigger stripie was even a marlin until I reminded you we'd seen it a few times, I reckon you need a refraction mate. BTW our new lures should be here late next week. Then we should be out looking for another fish like this one. I should get a leave pass, Kathie had a little girl last night! No more high and dry awaiting the arrival.
  15. Lineclass

    Happy Days 2012

    I'd love to throw a number out there mate and I've got one on my mind but gamefishermen are pretty quick to eat their own without evidence and the adrenaline rush does affect your eyes but I am willing to say that the biggest black I've seen up close weighed 133 and this one dwarfed him