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  1. I use a 50 turn bimini and a 33 wrap Albright using 20lb igfa and 16lb fluro for my jewie hunting. Best combination I've found so far.
  2. Netted this lady tonight from camp obvious flicking for jewies. Went 76cm.
  3. this is one of the north Sydney side spots. I'm gonna have another go tomorrow evening. Pretty sure they'll turn up again... But not for long.
  4. Landed this fella having a bit of a flick tonight landbased in Sydney harbour. Pulled the hook on a much bigger fish after a battle that left my arms in agony. They're in a deep hole close to shore right on the tide change. I don't think they hang around for more than 20-30 mins.
  5. smuz

    PB lure caught Mulloway

    nice jewie... well done.
  6. smuz


    they farm heaps of kingies in sa in pens like tuna. sometimes when the pens had a malfunction(?), the legal limit would drop to 45cm for a few weeks cause thousands would get out and run havoc. kind of makes you wonder about how big they get them before the market.
  7. jewie lure shopping... again

  8. smuz

    Abu 5500C

    great job but wow that handle... personally i would miss the smaller double style handle that make these reels so great for high speed spinning.
  9. smuz


    i love fishing for mulloway and i know that they move around but i also know that they are very likely to return to the same holes during the day, obviously spending great deals of their lives in a certain vicinity. In adelaide i would fish for them in west lakes and the port river but these fish would always go back, again everyone had their opinion on whether it was safe or not and i will probably keep the same practice with harbour jew. Im not so familiar with the habits of harbour kingfish yet though, what are peoples opinion on taking them? Do they move in and out of the harbours reguarly or is this an old wives tale? Thanks again though everyone, this is great info for a landbased fisho.
  10. smuz


    thanks to all for the replies. Being new i was unaware of how bad or not it was. The rec fisher signs i noticed sounded pretty full on.
  11. smuz


    99.9% of my fishing is catch and release but being new to Sydney and having read a lot about polluted waterways i was curious that on the off chance i was to keep a feed, where would it be from? im land-based and guess some of the beaches would be fine but I've read that even east of harbour bridge is toxic,how far east? what about botany( i know cooks is suicide), middle harbour or hawksbury? any info on prolonging my life would be greatly appreciated.
  12. there around, got cut off by two a week ago and this was the first time i'd been back.
  13. got this monster fishing for kingfish land based in botany, didn't measure it before the beast went back, but that's a 6 inch slug-go that it hammered. definatly my pb so far.
  14. enjoying a good flick at blue point on the sp and getting into a couple of decent salmon only to have a good deal of my braid stripped and lost by a red gondola style boat that decided to get as close as possible to me. This is the most frustrating thing i can think of happening to a land based fisho. I was even waving to him to turn as i frantically wound line in, only to have him give a cheeky smile and look the other way. Thanks for ruining my day loser.
  15. smuz

    Bottle-Cap Lure

    remember seeing in a mag some 15 years ago guys using beer cans as lures and pulling in hammerheads.