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  1. Houdini

    Salmon off the beach down south.

    Why are the gutters down there full of this fellow?
  2. Houdini

    Sydney Kings or Hawkesbury snapper

    Great catch. Just curious as to the Black Bream? Maybe it's a yellow fin bream that looks black? Black Bream not very common in the Hawkesbury.
  3. Houdini

    Beach Fishing

  4. Houdini

    Unknown Fish Lost

    I've had a big black ray take a pike off the surface I had out for a king fish. The ray chased the pike right up to the surface, rolled over so it could get it's mouth at it, swallowed it in one and then straight back down to the bottom and busted me off on the rocks.
  5. Houdini

    Port Hacking Tues

    did you catch the crabs on a fishing line or with traps?
  6. Houdini

    Sydney Sportfishing Tournament

    great catches and on such light line you must have taught them well and have a silky smooth drag. What reels do you use and what knots to attach the leader?
  7. Houdini

    Sydney Harbour Kings

    the season seems to be later this year
  8. Houdini

    Sunday arvo squid session

    good work on the squiddys. With all this news about tuna and cobia around its time to get out there
  9. Houdini

    Mixed Bag off Sydney

    great haul and what a way to end with that Jewie. How many great fish get caught on that one more cast?
  10. Houdini

    Smashed my bream PB by 10cm! (41cm/1kg)

    well done on the bream great catch
  11. Houdini

    another Nambucca session

    What were the lures you "donated" to the oyster racks 2 weeks ago? That could become a seriously expensive past time!
  12. Houdini

    Freshwater in the Snowys

    Spawning season is from June to October so those rules won't apply to you this weekend. Lake Jindabyne is open all year round and not impacted by spawn rules so you could have a walk and a flick around there or are you more specifically looking for streams to fish?
  13. Houdini

    Reef fishing

    great bag of fish. What's the fish in the salad and how is it prepared?
  14. Houdini

    Central coat

    sometimes I think you're better off eating the bait!
  15. Houdini

    SYDNEY HARBOUR 24/3/19

    Great bonnie what are you going to do with the mac tuna