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  1. looks like the slammer and goosa are about the same ( reel weight 600g , line capacity slammer has bigger spool ) if you mean the Daiwa Saltis spin 4000 it's stats look smaller? ( 450g can't find braid capacty) you know the goosa is built like a tank. it's a bit heavy if you want to use it for hours but the next option is a stella at 4 x the price If you are throwing metals 30g - 60g the heavier ones need a bit of a winch to wind them in time after time. If you can handle the weight I'd go the Goosa.
  2. If this is the case how do you explain the difference between Randwick and Waverly. Clearly one council adopted the rules and one didn't. Or are you saying on advice from the water police etc etc(whom ever that is) the waverly side of the imaginary line is safer than the Randwick side. I don't think any of this discussion is beating up Fishraider. We are, if anything expressing our difference of opinion and experience ( the things I think make the world a wonderful place to be).
  3. I thinks it is silly that individual councils implement these and other rules wholly for their own areas of responsibility. For the life jacket rules, take Randwick council (you must wear a life jacket) and Waverly council (no lifejacket) areas for example. The councils share a common boarder at aptly named Boundary St, their areas of control for wearing a life jacket is an imaginary line extending from this street down and over the rocks. So we are down to an imaginary line now. If you walk from the Randwick side and then fish on the Waverly side have you committed an offence? One of these rocks is safe to fish off the other is dangerous?
  4. pic of the fish deffo not a jew or trag
  5. Double headed wrase again in the lagoon on a crab bait.
  6. Blue fish caught in the lagoon on a piece of bread.
  7. +1 for Lord Howe Island charter PM FOR DETAILS. Double header wrasse the only place to catch one and keep and eat Blue fish the only place to be able to keep one and eat it too they are delicious. Massive drummer, trevally, kingfish and other reef fish plus he is a great bloke. We also went out with another charter. PM FOR DETAILS. more Trevally, kingfish, amberjack, bonito, sharks and mutton birds. There weren't any kingfish to hand feed at Neds beach when I went there a couple of years ago. Controversially they had been killed by the parks and wildlife ranger because it was deemed they were in poor condition. Still a million other fish there and a food dispensing vending machine that had proper fish pellets that are the healthy option.
  8. If you've just spent $500 on the rod you must double that on the reel and get yourself a STELLA. Anything else would be a downgrade.
  9. Why are the gutters down there full of this fellow?
  10. Great catch. Just curious as to the Black Bream? Maybe it's a yellow fin bream that looks black? Black Bream not very common in the Hawkesbury.
  11. I've had a big black ray take a pike off the surface I had out for a king fish. The ray chased the pike right up to the surface, rolled over so it could get it's mouth at it, swallowed it in one and then straight back down to the bottom and busted me off on the rocks.
  12. did you catch the crabs on a fishing line or with traps?