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  1. mrollo

    quick squid session

    Cheers mate, caught off the rocks on the eastern beaches
  2. mrollo

    quick squid session

    Hi radiers, Went for a quick squid flick last Thursday night with a mate just to get out of the house for a bit. I was hoping to get a couple for bit when i go out on the kayak next time, but i wasn't expecting to get anything like i did. after about 15mins of flicking i thought i got a snag, but then it started running and kept running!! ended up getting this specimen, which measured 40cm hood and 95cm to the top of the candle. more than enough for a couple of S&P squid dinners, while still having enough for some bait. tight lines
  3. mrollo

    Kayak Snapper

    Hi Raiders, A quick report from last Sunday. Launched the kayak at about 6.30 from a local beach (Eastern Beaches) in conditions that were a lot worse than i thought they'd be. Hoping to drag some lures for a bonito or king, then flick plastics and float some pillies down a burley trail for a snapper or king. After 1 1/2 hours in wet and scrappy conditions, I'd nearly given up, so called my last drift and dropped back my last pilly on the bait runner.... a few seconds later it screamed off. i called it for a rat king at first but after a few solid head shakes, I realised it was a nice Snapper. Ended up measuring 60cm on the dot and my new Sydney PB. Tight lines
  4. mrollo

    Confused about which boat to buy

    to ad to my questions.... have just noticed a Kingfisher 5500 eclipse online. has anyone heard much about them? Cheer
  5. mrollo

    Confused about which boat to buy

    thanks for the advice guys. will keep hunting
  6. mrollo

    Confused about which boat to buy

    Thanks JonD, I don't mind the 'ugliness' of the stabicraft, would just have to convince the wife. from what what you know, how is the ride on a Stabi? Cheers
  7. mrollo

    Confused about which boat to buy

    Thanks Deek, will look into them
  8. mrollo

    Confused about which boat to buy

    Hi all, So I've had my current boat for about 7 years now and have been pretty happy with it, however am looking to upgrade. Current boat is a fibreglass runabout 1980's BFG neptune with 90HP yamaha. I mainly use it for fishing headlands for kings, going to the FADS, and occasionally water skiing. My current boat serves the purpose, however deck space is a problem when fishing with 3, and also gets me a bit nervous when taking on messy seas, with the sharp nose it has. So with all the boats out there, i'm struggling to know where to start. some help/advice would be great. my requirements: 1. 5-5.5m 2. Cuddy or small cabin to maximise deck space & shelter from weather. want to be able to fish with 3 people comfortably 3. Towable by Prado (2.5t max) 4. under $40k total package 5. high gunwales 6. smooth ride (for the wife particularly) Big questions: 1.Aluminium vs Glass; *Are the new tin boats as smooth as the boat makers are saying? also should i be concerned about long term maintenance costs or a glass boat? 2. new vs used? 3.. models to look at or to avoid?? If anyone could give me any advice these points it would be great. Thanks in advance Matt
  9. mrollo

    Sunday king with my daughter

    It’s just down at double bay.
  10. Hi Raiders, Went down to the local Jetty with my daughter yesterday to let her have some fun with some little snapper etc... she did well bringing in bream, taylor and snapper, but when something took hold of her little piece of prawn and ran 50m, nearly pulling her and her kids combo into the water, I realised she was in trouble. Unfortunately it ran into some moorings and snapped off... Luckily I had my Stradic 4000 there just incase, so seeing they had a taste for prawn, i floated out another piece and straight away was on... a quick fight, with a ferry full of tourists watching and had a just legal king... was surprised at how many of his mates followed him up too!! anyway was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my daughter. As you can see from the photo, she was pretty happy too! Mrollo
  11. mrollo

    South West Rocks

    hey mate, Back Creek is good for the kids... flatties and bream, also can get tailor etc from the beach. not sure about November as I'm usually up there in April, but try the breakwall at the Bar is good for Jews. If you have a boat, then it's a different story.... enjoy Rollo
  12. mrollo

    North Head Yesterday

    Not sure about ocean waters... I only drop them inside the harbour
  13. mrollo

    North Head Yesterday

    Thanks, was a top feed! Papafish, just the inside the north head of Sydney harbour. Also most of the bays through the harbour are legal to drop crab nets... just look for the shallow sandy bays with some weed patches
  14. mrollo

    North Head Yesterday

    Hi Raiders, just a quick post about solo yesterday inside North Head. Was on the water pretty early, so after dropping the crab pots, caught a dozen yakka's and 2 squid and was ready to chase some kingies. Anchored just inside North Head and the plan was to put one yakka floating out the back, one yakka deep and put the squid out in mid water, then burley and mix between soft plastics and floating pillies back to keep me busy. As soon as the floater went out, it got hit by a rat king. ended up getting about 6-7 rats throughout the day on yakkas, soft plastics and pillies. Also picked up the bonito, snapped and bream and pillies. The excitement came when at about 8.30 the live squid rod went nuts and i called it for a big king. line peeling off and after a few minutes saw colour, but was surprised to see a samson fish. Gave a great fight, as i called it for a 90+cm King. After mucking around with some smaller kings and undersized snapper, went back to pick up the pots and was happy to find a few nice swimmers in them. All around a good day and a nice feed Cheers
  15. mrollo

    Surprise catch

    Went out yesterday and braved the wind and rain to try and snag a kingfish. After an hour of mucking around to get the motor started because of dirty spark plugs, we headed off and filled the tank with lives without too much trouble. Saw plenty of marks, but couldn't get a bite even though we tried everything- slow trolling yakka's and squid, throwing plastics, slick baits and micro jigs... Anyway we ended up trolling some diving lures just outside north head hoping for even just a salmon to keep us interested... And finally got a bite. Was a weird fight as it was pulling too hard to be a salmon but didn't feel like a king... After a fairly short fight we say colour and my mate grabbed the net, but then we saw what it was so we quickly switched to the gaff.... To our amazement it was a 5 foot mako shark!!! Unfortunately by the time we got sorted for a gaff shot at it, it straightened the hook and swam away... We were gutted it got away, but were amazed a mako was that close to shore (20m from north head). Does anyone know of that happening much or was he just lost? Below are photos of the straightened hook and chewed 5 inch lazer pro lure Cheers