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  1. what an amazing fish! well done! glad it was released too...
  2. What an amazing sized falthead... Good work guys!!
  3. Hey WINDRED.. Not much in the way of holes / gutter on Narra at the moment.. the sand is banked up a fairway out, and makes it difficult to cast past the breakers.. We just perservere with it at the moment, it's always so nice to be on the beach at night anyway, i dont tend to care if i catch anything.. I went for a run this arvo alon Narra and I noticed that there were some decent sized scales on the beach just a few walkways before the North Narra surf club(when heading up north from the south), and made me think someones been onto some Jewie's.. they were frewsh, a night or two old, so
  4. Bait +1 I'm afraid Trung.. Besides, In all your reports of late, your using livies? where you coming from? LMAO Livies were not plastic last time I caught them.... I do love the S/P fishing mate.. it's like Pete said so eloquently, "hard to flick and drink beer".. *new invention required*...or i'll settle for a hat that holds two little creature pints And oh yeah, there are plenty more fish we're catching in P/Water mate.. just dont have enough time to post, but seems i need to impress you.. so i'll start posting more bro! BTW, your lesson for this sat is confirmed.. see you 5am at the
  5. Nice going mate.. I fish at Narra beach alot.. got these 2 the other night.. I usually go at the end of Stuart Street. Say hello if you spot a few of us there next time.. im usually with my GF and a few buddies Mako Shovel Nose Steve
  6. Well.. it's finally my turn to brag around here.. After having some dreadful luck recently I.e. drppoing big Kings in P/Water, my mate Dave (and really not an Ali G refernce as funny as he is) hooked up some biggies Friday arvo after work! We were in our usual Honey Pot (Spot P), and we had only had the lines in long enough to crack a beer when all of a sudden my rod bent over like a cheap pornstar... Yes.. a chap porn star.. Im talking tip touching the boat gunnels nearly... now, it's important to give props where due, and i got this using my girfriends rod as mine is temporarily out of
  7. Very nice catch! How deep wwere they out of interest? or were they busting up the surface?
  8. Great report mate... nice to see you smashing them!
  9. Hi Trung.. jeeze.. we get some stick from you dont we... Well mate, we would love to come fishing with you again! Also, the same goes to you and your brother. If you want to come down our way, or meet up in middle harbour (half way for us both) we are keen to do that also. I'll call you this wekend and we can make some plans ok. If weather permits, then this weekend would be our plesure to out fish you ..LOL or have a shot at it anyway!! it's unlikely though givben my recent track record! Steve
  10. Hi cameldownunder, I think the salmon came on just around 1 or 1.30 pm. I have some pic's and some video footage.. Only i dont have acces from here (work) lol. will pop some of the pics / footage up tonight... Regarding eating these salomon. Im with you, if you know the trick to cook/prep them, no one will be left hungry!! Thanks for the reply! Steve
  11. Great catch mate.. just please try leave some stock in the waters..LOL..
  12. Well, it's sad to say (er..hard to admit it) that yes, sadly the last month really has been rubbish fishing for me. In the last 4 adventures I have caught 0.....Things however were about to change on this lovely, slightly windy September Sunday. We set off from Rosevlle just before midday. A nice place to launch FYI..it was also my fist time launching from there. We started off with a Troll. Starting from under the spit bridge, and continuing for about 500 meters along the jetty's of the marinas. It was quiet, we did not know what to expect, but i hear there are big fish frequenting these
  13. any tips for trout fishing in the VIC highlands?

  14. very big CONGRATULATIONS!!! May you, mum and baby have a safe, happy and long properouse life together! Steve
  15. Good going Trung! I wish i had known you had a spare spot that day, i would have asked if ic ould have come along with you all! I ended up going land based at Narrabeen lake and got zip... Steve
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