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  1. what an amazing fish! well done! glad it was released too...
  2. What an amazing sized falthead... Good work guys!!
  3. Hey WINDRED.. Not much in the way of holes / gutter on Narra at the moment.. the sand is banked up a fairway out, and makes it difficult to cast past the breakers.. We just perservere with it at the moment, it's always so nice to be on the beach at night anyway, i dont tend to care if i catch anything.. I went for a run this arvo alon Narra and I noticed that there were some decent sized scales on the beach just a few walkways before the North Narra surf club(when heading up north from the south), and made me think someones been onto some Jewie's.. they were frewsh, a night or two old, so maybe that's the spot to be at the moment... Good luck out there..
  4. Bait +1 I'm afraid Trung.. Besides, In all your reports of late, your using livies? where you coming from? LMAO Livies were not plastic last time I caught them.... I do love the S/P fishing mate.. it's like Pete said so eloquently, "hard to flick and drink beer".. *new invention required*...or i'll settle for a hat that holds two little creature pints And oh yeah, there are plenty more fish we're catching in P/Water mate.. just dont have enough time to post, but seems i need to impress you.. so i'll start posting more bro! BTW, your lesson for this sat is confirmed.. see you 5am at the ramp..LMAO
  5. Nice going mate.. I fish at Narra beach alot.. got these 2 the other night.. I usually go at the end of Stuart Street. Say hello if you spot a few of us there next time.. im usually with my GF and a few buddies Mako Shovel Nose Steve
  6. Well.. it's finally my turn to brag around here.. After having some dreadful luck recently I.e. drppoing big Kings in P/Water, my mate Dave (and really not an Ali G refernce as funny as he is) hooked up some biggies Friday arvo after work! We were in our usual Honey Pot (Spot P), and we had only had the lines in long enough to crack a beer when all of a sudden my rod bent over like a cheap pornstar... Yes.. a chap porn star.. Im talking tip touching the boat gunnels nearly... now, it's important to give props where due, and i got this using my girfriends rod as mine is temporarily out of action, due to a pending reel repair.. However, the Catana really stood up up the lizzards abuse.. it's only got 6lb line and a 2500 Slade reel. I have to wonderhow my 662SPX PENN would have handled had I been using it instead? Anyway, we had just popped a whole pilly out.. I had #5 x3 gangs, and Dave had #4x gangs. I hear a shout from Dave "YOUR ON!!" as he picked up my rod... I turn around to see the little catana bent right over... Dave passes my rod, and the fun begins.. Landing this was trick with no net (yes, we set ourselves a challenge for the day, forget the net at home then try land a monster...LOL).. Lucky we had a gaff hook. Dave reached over with the fish still wanting to run, so carefuly he tried to land a good spike through the fish, but he missed...we start thinking the worst, we going to loose the fish! with a second and more vigourous pull, Dave tries to gaff it the second time.. this time, he smnapped my line and the fish busts free!! I was thinking "oh no, the fidsh is gone for sure" .. I look down at the flatty and i see its floating upsidedown.. Dave KO'd the flatty with the gaff.. LOL Dave instinctivly reached in again for the 3rd time with the Gaff and this time hooked the fish It comes flying into the boat and we danced around it while trying not to fall out the boat WHILE celebrating.. YES, The air was thick, tense, for a moment ther dave nearly went swimming for that one! It was really his next move.. to jump in after it! However, it was congratulations all around for that collabrative effort! At the time, every thing was slow motion...looking back, It was awesome! Next thing - we move back in as this battle had seen us drift off course a fair way... Sames spot, about 10 mins later, it's Daves turn! Dave grabs his rod - the rod bends again - im thinking better not be bigger than mine..lol The fight that ensues is quite brief... we spot the monster under the surface, it another flatty! Again, it's landing it that's the tricky part without a net.. With gaff in hand, rod in the other, Dave taken it upon himself to get this one in the boat.. Swift jerk of the gaff and hey presto, we're.......falling out of boat - NOOOOOOOO Instinctivly, I grab Dave an form a 2 man ruck... pushing as hard as we can for a few brief seconds, we push all our weigh back in to he center. Dave - with all his excitement had landed the fish, but similtaniously, had fallen back into me - we nearly went over the side of the tinny together!! Our mate Gerry, the 3rd person on the boat, was up the front laughing his head off! ...the boat stabilizes, and on the floor was a 700mm lizzard! We then had no more bites the rest of the afternoon.. Gerry did though...He was next to get his PB.. Gezza got himself a nice sized Taylor, a PB for him too.. came in around 450mm.. it chomped a whole pilly on gangs too! We then called it quits, collected the traps and found 5 nice sized Swimmers in there.. 3 traps in total, 5 swimmers. 2 were females so they went swimming agian.. the males got a free ride to he hot tub No pics of the crabs sorry... ended up a very nice entree to the flatty. We fed 9 people from my 730mm flatty over 2 days. Eventually we all laughed together as we recounted the stupidity of it all and fun we just had... What a great arvo on the water! This is why I love, and I am addicted to fishing! So many fun time! I hope you all enjoy my report and the pics!
  7. Very nice catch! How deep wwere they out of interest? or were they busting up the surface?
  8. Great report mate... nice to see you smashing them!
  9. Hi Trung.. jeeze.. we get some stick from you dont we... Well mate, we would love to come fishing with you again! Also, the same goes to you and your brother. If you want to come down our way, or meet up in middle harbour (half way for us both) we are keen to do that also. I'll call you this wekend and we can make some plans ok. If weather permits, then this weekend would be our plesure to out fish you ..LOL or have a shot at it anyway!! it's unlikely though givben my recent track record! Steve
  10. Hi cameldownunder, I think the salmon came on just around 1 or 1.30 pm. I have some pic's and some video footage.. Only i dont have acces from here (work) lol. will pop some of the pics / footage up tonight... Regarding eating these salomon. Im with you, if you know the trick to cook/prep them, no one will be left hungry!! Thanks for the reply! Steve
  11. Great catch mate.. just please try leave some stock in the waters..LOL..
  12. Well, it's sad to say (er..hard to admit it) that yes, sadly the last month really has been rubbish fishing for me. In the last 4 adventures I have caught 0.....Things however were about to change on this lovely, slightly windy September Sunday. We set off from Rosevlle just before midday. A nice place to launch FYI..it was also my fist time launching from there. We started off with a Troll. Starting from under the spit bridge, and continuing for about 500 meters along the jetty's of the marinas. It was quiet, we did not know what to expect, but i hear there are big fish frequenting these waters.. it's 30+ meters in parts All of a suden, Bang! Something whacked my NEW Magnum X rap 15...unfortunatly, the big hit did not result in a hook up ! It did leave some battle scars on the new $20 magnum though...Cheeky fish!! My mate suspected it could have been a kingy, but he probably knew that talking that way would just get me excited! LOL ..I've never caufght a king fish! So we pull up our lines and head north, accross to Noth Head. We slowly pulled out around the corner, prep the rods and get them back in with hte magnum attached once again, hoping for a strike!! No luck trolling all the way noth until we hit the furthest point. All good , we head back now lines still in the water. All of a sudden, the birds, I almost resemble Johnny Depp in Fear and loathing screaming "the bats, the bats" LOL.. anyway ,tehre were hundreds of Aussie Salmon now on the surface! Within a second, all of us had out light flick sticks (2-4kg line weight), 2500 reels that were loaded with 7lb vanish. We loaded the rods using a variety of lures and S/P's. We aimed the lures at the heads of salmon gulping up the bait fish and let rip!! We flick into the salmon, bang!! (I was using my orange small TT lure) a 2.5 kilo salmon is on my lure in seconds! love that feeling!! i wrestled, part nursed the fsih to the surface, trying njt to break my line.. fearing the break off, i slowly retrieved the fish.. i got him to the side of the boat then bng! he took off again! with explosive pwer and snapped me off! Damn I yelled!! So we circle back after the otehr guys pull in one each! we throw in again to the chomping rampage below us... BANG!! As predictable as the sunrise, teh salmon are onto our lures again!! This continued for about 2 hours until we got sick of the same thing... Beleive me, Itwas a hard corner to turn, even though we have had fun, it's hard to say, "ok, lets go try for something a bit better eating"... when the salmon are on all day! So we left with a few Salomon for some fish cakes for dinner.. (later that night my girl cooked them up and they were delicious!!) We then headed back in towards the spit bridge. We decided to have another troll until we got back to Roseville. We had no success on the troll back, so we all felt a little disapointed that we had left all the fun and excitement back out the front with the Salmon. All in all a really fun, exciting day with hte salmon on! Although they are not a versitle fish when it comes to eating them, we had a lovely feed from the 3 we kept. Combined, the salmon we kept would have weighed at least 6 kilo's (a conservative guess). I should point out that I snapped my rod on this trip too.. a special appology to my fellow crew men/women SORRY ... So, now to find a new flick stick......... Steve
  13. any tips for trout fishing in the VIC highlands?

  14. very big CONGRATULATIONS!!! May you, mum and baby have a safe, happy and long properouse life together! Steve
  15. Good going Trung! I wish i had known you had a spare spot that day, i would have asked if ic ould have come along with you all! I ended up going land based at Narrabeen lake and got zip... Steve
  16. Wow, great work Pete and Allan!! Wish i had been invited ;0
  17. Hey Buddy! Did not know you were on here... now i have to tell the truth...hahahah So are you ready to hit the Haweksbury yet mate? Sunday is looking to be the day, are you keen?? P.S. 3:1 = your dreaming! LOL Steve (kidding!)
  18. Hey all, Thought i would share the great lizzard I got on a 4" Peppered Prawn and a 7g jig head... 1st cast too i should add!! This might be the largest fish I have ever caught i recall wonce at Wyong riverwhen i was young getting a similar sized lizzard.. dont know if have the pics somewhere or not.. but here is the evidence from last prized catch. And yes, I let him go... I think the big ones are far too valuable to keep just for the sake of a feed...is it true it takes 7yrs for a flatty to reach maturity (36cm) when they can start breeding? Also, my mates got heaps of fish that day too..I have a friend at work that fishes BB all the time, and he invited Pete and I to come check it out... Shamefully they had the local advantage and we were out fished by them 2:1. The pic of the salmon was caught by our buddies, trolled up within 5 mins of geting into the bay also...what a day out!! Steve
  19. Hello everybody, WOW, what a friendly and almost overwhelming welcome to your forum. THANK YOU!! I will post up some pics in the lures & fly's section, as we mainly use S/P's. the last adventure and catch was all using S/P's. See you all around ... Steve
  20. Hi Martin, Thanks for the great offer, I am always keen to fish and ofcourse, drink beer!! I would like to get out on Sunday. Do you have a boat, or are you thinking land based? My mate pete (adjustedpete on here) is my main partner in crime, and Pete has a 14ft tinny we use to go out in Pittwater and the Hawkesbury. Are you busy this sunday? Let me know, we can try to arrange something. all the best, Steve
  21. Hello members! My name is Steve. I live on Sydney's Northern beaches. I love it here !! Ample fishing spots as you are all well aware, and I love getting out for a fish when ever possible (every weekend really)! I have some pictures from my last fishing trip... I am not sure where to post up the pictures of our catch though...? Can anyone tell me is this the correct place to post up the days catches? Anyway, I look forward to sharing my fishing tales with you all, and making some new friends... cheers