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  1. Hi everyone Managed to finally get out with Swano today, after many failed attempts due to weather, work, or family commitments. Possibly due to a curse by someone currently travelling 🤔 Anyway met Swano down at the cooks just before 6, and after a a bumpy start, battery for the motor wouldn’t crank the motor, but after getting the leads from the car, and jumping with the leccy batteries, we were off, and didn’t have any further dramas all day. Swano was first on the board, with a nice little jew, followed up with a surprise kingy, fair to say he was pretty happy. Got a little quite, so went to another spot chasing bream, and came up tight to what I first thought was a little bream, that was soon called as a trevor, then called for a small jew, until finally seen a kingy, great fun on a 1-3kg stick, 1000 reel and 6lb line. For the next couple hours, we tussled with more kingys, and a few trevors. Got smoked a few times with the kingys, bit like bringing a knife to a gun fight 😬 Anyway, top day out, and great to finally hear some drag sing. Few pics of the day. Cheers Jonno
  2. It doesn’t flip up, but it must move enough that it does incorrectly read a ridiculous depth at speed. Could be interference from the prop too maybe? Mine that is. either way, you could always go with the old saying..... its better to ask for forgiveness, than ask for permission, and get the lowrance 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Hey burleyguts I have the 997c si, with pretty much the exact transducer in the second pic above with the metal bracket.. Still have the same issues at speed with depth reads, if it helps. I would be saving up and getting the lowrance 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Top effort mate You we’re putting some decent hurt on it for a bit, amazing how much you can put on with 6lb.
  5. J0nn0

    Winter Fatty

    Yeah tried the usual suspects, jerk shads and paddle tails, but not even a hit on those. in regards to the ripsnorter, they cast well, are a good weight, they don’t really seem to thump too hard on the lift, I have paddle tails that thump harder. Mainly only brought them because of the hook set up, as I don’t really like the ideas of using trebles. In terms of snag resistance, I don’t know if I would be bobbing them around timber like they did in the promo vids, the hook does tend to move around a bit. They did the job though, so will keep using them 😁
  6. Headed out solo this morning, in search of the elusive Jew, elusive for me for the past year anyway. Managed the nail this fat little fella just before the end of the run in. Went 75cm, not the biggest, but plenty thick, just like the bloke who caught him 😂 Anyway first fish on the Chasebaits RipSnorter vibe, in herring I believe. That was it for the morning, packed up and headed home at about 11am.
  7. Could be worse, you guys could be at work! Hopefully see some fish pics coming through soon, best of luck!
  8. Hey Donna! Still not working on smartphone (iPhone) Page opens, but no link or survey?
  9. For a safe, and much easier suggestion, you could use the setup in the below pic. eyelet on the bottom of the anchor, chain cable tied to the top. Added weight of the chain would help? Also get the added benefit, when stuck, cable ties will break with a bit of force, anchor comes free as force is now all coming from behind the snagged anchor. Could also be use on other types of anchors as well I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m no expert when it comes to these things, but have seen a charter guy use this method, which worked multiple times whilst out on one trip, all he had to do was replace the cable tie on the odd occasion the anchor got snagged, and the cable ties broke.