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  1. J0nn0

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    Working now!
  2. J0nn0

    Fishraider Community Survey: Have Your Say!

    Hey Donna! Still not working on smartphone (iPhone) Page opens, but no link or survey?
  3. For a safe, and much easier suggestion, you could use the setup in the below pic. eyelet on the bottom of the anchor, chain cable tied to the top. Added weight of the chain would help? Also get the added benefit, when stuck, cable ties will break with a bit of force, anchor comes free as force is now all coming from behind the snagged anchor. Could also be use on other types of anchors as well I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️ I’m no expert when it comes to these things, but have seen a charter guy use this method, which worked multiple times whilst out on one trip, all he had to do was replace the cable tie on the odd occasion the anchor got snagged, and the cable ties broke.
  4. J0nn0


    Hey Been awhile between posts, so thought I should fill everyone in on today’s trip to Chippo with Stewie, chasing EP’s. Its fair to say, the forecast of overcast conditions, and a shower or two were not even close to accurate, with us sweating it out in the sun with 35c heat and what felt pretty high humidity, they always get it close🤔🤔🤔 Anyway, we meet at he ramp at 6am, and headed off. Not a day of fish after fish like a lot of trips to Chippo, we struggled to even find fish to begin with, but soon found them about 30mtrs away, and although the numbers lacked, the quality was the best I had seen. We both managed a couple of really good size perch, and the average size was good too, not too many of the tiny ones that you rack up a cricket score with sometimes. Packed up after the wind came through, with smiles all round. Funny how that happens when you haven’t been out in weeks due to other commitments. Didnt think to take any pics, but good perch to be had, although the water is still dirty, system still hasn’t flushed out since the heavy rains a few weeks back. Cheers Jonno
  5. J0nn0

    So we got one.....now what do we do !?!

    Great report Sam! Congrats on capturing your intended target (touching leader counts as a capture in marlin fishing doesn’t it?) All that work and prep really paid off! Cheers Jonno
  6. J0nn0


    Now where would Swordie have got that from 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks for your help again Stewie!
  7. J0nn0

    Botany Bay Kings

    Finally a winner! Well done lads 👍🏼
  8. J0nn0

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    @connico it’s a challenger 4.1 centre console is great, especially when on you’re own, however I do have a soft spot for the side console when you have a buddy, because the weight evens out. They are sturdy units, in the pic above that Donna posted, I have two live wells full, about 80lt each, the electric and me, a big bloke, all at the front, plus Pete standing on one side, average size bloke, and couldn’t feel any safer. you couldn’t go wrong with a poly, they are heavy, but very comfortable! Just my opinion because you asked, don’t want this thread to get hijacked about boats vs boats, there are other great boats out there as well. But as first time boat owner, the poly is perfect for how I fish, and I feel is a bit more forgiving for me learning the ropes as a boat owner. Either way, I hope you get something and get out on the water!
  9. J0nn0

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    Thanks for a top day out, Pete, Donna and Stewie. Caught some top squid, and always great to catch a first time kingy, geez they go well! Congrats to Donna for her first king as well 😎 Pete you’re welcome to come out anytime, it was great having you on board, you make a great net man 😮😂 Thats my fishing done until after Xmas as well. Hope everyone has a safe, and happy Xmas! Jonno
  10. J0nn0

    Great day on the plastics with Swano

    Well done lads! i know it’s been awhile between drinks for you guys, awesome when the wait is worth it.
  11. J0nn0

    Reddies are on!!!

    Well done Stewie and Des! looks like a great feed tonight!
  12. J0nn0

    Birthday perch

    Hey everyone Managed to get the eldest daughter out for her birthday for a fish, and first trip on the boat. She has been keen for ages, so when she requested a trip yesterday for her birthday, checked the weather and locked it in. After a very late start, due to her not wanting to get up this morning due to the birthday late night, it was off to chippo. After a few casts, and a bit of teaching, her first perch, and first fish on a plastic. After that, her job was done apparently, and it was onto the phone to watch YouTube. Either way, great day, even better being with the little one. She managed the biggest perch, and Haven’t I heard all about it!!!
  13. J0nn0

    Chippo fires

    Hey everyone Joined Stewie for a flick today, and after he and Donna has a good day on the perch at Chippo the other day, and was off to chase perch, as Stewie said, they’re on! Hit the water early, and boy was he right, we absolutely slayed them, if we didn’t nail 80 odd perch, we wouldn’t have been far off. A couple of good flatties as by catch, and a strange capture of a herring for Stewie as well, he literally catches everything on plastics. Had a little prospect for a jewie as well, and got destroyed by a very big fish, that popped the leader not long after hook up. After finishing up the perch, we headed to the cooks to see if we could snag a jewie, but whilst it looked very fishy, there was nobody home, and soon packed up when the weather looked like it was coming in. Big thanks to Stewie for another top day on the water, and in his words, the perch are on big time!
  14. J0nn0

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Etecs are available with a 10yr warranty at the boat show, purchased as a package with new boat and trailer, and they will give you a 10yr warranty on the lot.