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  1. J0nn0

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Well done lads
  2. J0nn0

    Birthday perch

    Hey everyone Managed to get the eldest daughter out for her birthday for a fish, and first trip on the boat. She has been keen for ages, so when she requested a trip yesterday for her birthday, checked the weather and locked it in. After a very late start, due to her not wanting to get up this morning due to the birthday late night, it was off to chippo. After a few casts, and a bit of teaching, her first perch, and first fish on a plastic. After that, her job was done apparently, and it was onto the phone to watch YouTube. Either way, great day, even better being with the little one. She managed the biggest perch, and Haven’t I heard all about it!!!
  3. J0nn0

    Chippo fires

    Hey everyone Joined Stewie for a flick today, and after he and Donna has a good day on the perch at Chippo the other day, and was off to chase perch, as Stewie said, they’re on! Hit the water early, and boy was he right, we absolutely slayed them, if we didn’t nail 80 odd perch, we wouldn’t have been far off. A couple of good flatties as by catch, and a strange capture of a herring for Stewie as well, he literally catches everything on plastics. Had a little prospect for a jewie as well, and got destroyed by a very big fish, that popped the leader not long after hook up. After finishing up the perch, we headed to the cooks to see if we could snag a jewie, but whilst it looked very fishy, there was nobody home, and soon packed up when the weather looked like it was coming in. Big thanks to Stewie for another top day on the water, and in his words, the perch are on big time!
  4. J0nn0

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Etecs are available with a 10yr warranty at the boat show, purchased as a package with new boat and trailer, and they will give you a 10yr warranty on the lot.
  5. J0nn0

    Sydney BlueFin

    Great result, they would have really got the heart going!
  6. J0nn0

    Solo mission

    Thanks lads Fished the cooks river, 2 fish from 3 hits, couldn’t complain at all!
  7. J0nn0

    Solo mission

    Managed to get a day pass from the lovely wife today, whilst she stayed home with the newborn. After a hectic couple of weeks, it was great to get out again, even if I was on my own, with no friends to play with. Plan was to chase jews, but happy with anything, would have been happy with nothing, just happy to be out. With minimal expectations (honestly it’s always huge expectations) I set off early this morning, and the day didn’t disappoint. Managed 2 nice little jewies, both falling to shads, first hour into the runout. Capped a great day, now back to no sleep and dirty nappies 😂
  8. J0nn0

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    Better to ask for forgiveness, not permission, can’t return it once you buy it, the missus will forgive eventually, maybe either way, you get yourself a new boat 😎
  9. J0nn0

    10 year warranty on evinrude

    Hey folks just seen that evinrude will be offering a 10 year warranty for all outboards purchased at this years boat shows. Also looks like telwater will match the 10 year warranty offer with complete boat and trailer packages, assuming with evinrude outboards, meaning the whole package will be covered with a 10 year warranty, just thought I would share for anyone thinking of a new package in the near future. Cheers Jonno
  10. J0nn0

    Big Neil and Blackfish

    Well done lads! sounds like you all had a ripper of a day 👍🏼
  11. J0nn0

    Late report for Tuesday

    Bit of a late report Made some last minute plans with swordy after he called late Monday afternoon saying he got some new soft plastics to try, he sounded pretty excited, so we decided if I could manage a leave pass for Tuesday morning, we would go out and try em, somehow I managed the leave pass, and met stew at the boat ramp for a flick for jews. Stew had a few hits on the new plastics, but missed the hook ups, but we continued on between spots, until we finally managed to hook up to the little fella below. Tried for a bit longer, but decided to hit up another spot for some perch and bream, so off we went. Managed a few at the other spot before the leave pass expired, stew dropped me off at the ramp, and left him to it until his leave pass expired. all in all a great day out, and thanks to Stew for taking me out yet again. Cheers
  12. Well done gents! no wonder stewy was so pumped last night, looks like a top day out!
  13. J0nn0

    A message from your wife/partner

    But still need a signed permission slip from the minister before using any of them ?
  14. J0nn0

    Estuary Perch

    Thanks for a top day stewie! great to bag a few fish, and awesome company as always! we will do it again soon
  15. J0nn0

    Few BREAM

    geez didn’t take you long to get back into it ? swano might be onto something about the cod being bad juju