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  1. What a loss, such a wealth of knowledge and archives being switched off. Fishraider has been part of my fishing life in Australia and always helped as my sport desires have evolved. I've made good friends and enjoyed many laughs. I know there is too much passion for the decision not to have been well considered by Donna and Stew. Enjoy the rest, and know you created the best social fishing forum out. Thanks to all the Admin who kept the boat tracking true. Steve
  2. No mate, radio pretty quiet today.
  3. Nice fish, well done guys.
  4. Found some blue water over the shelf today off Swansea. Not much of a temp break and 4 knots downhill. 1 hour down forever getting back. Lots of green the further south we went. No christening my new pair of tiagras today (pressie to myself after my first marlin) . But nice to be out on the water all the same. 8 boats on sched best was a 1.1.0
  5. Have a heart attack, get some weed off a mate and go fishing. That's what living is for, good on ya. Though it's no surprise you bagged out again. All the best with the recovery.
  6. 20 secs sounds maybe slightly too long try 10 then rest 20. When did it last have new plugs or a service ?
  7. Sounds like the correct technique. I'd turn it over a bit longer. Are you using all fresh juice and a fully charged battery
  8. Nice work. Personally I think they are beautiful eating straight on a hot plate. That's a 2nd place record, nice fish.
  9. Thanks all, your all right. Already treated myself to a bunch of new gear to chase a bigger one Need to collect the set now
  10. Hi, those who know me, will know that for the last couple of years my fishing habits have become a little obsessive. Once a happy bottom basher and fisho with a desire to catch a feed, I was introduced to game fishing. My life changed and the pursuit of a bigger fish consumed me. Hours and dollars passed until a couple of weeks ago I was the proud holder of a fat spear fish. Now this obsession doesn't end with a first fish and so a week later I'm back out crewing my regular lake Mac boat on the newcastle game fishing club comp. I'd caught my spear the previous week so was on tag and bill
  11. Broken bay canceled so no wet weekend for me.
  12. Doesn't affect me mate, I moved out of the city, just remembering when I lived in Cronulla and used to park mine outside the house. So the council have achieved shuffling the trailers,, great job.
  13. This has been mentioned before but it now seems to be official. New regulations allowing boat trailers, and the boats they carry, to be impounded if they have been parked on a street in Sutherland Shire for more than 28 days will be enforced from July 1. The starting date was announced after council decided earlier this year to “opt in” to new laws passed by the state government in late 2015. Sutherland Shire Council spent a year deliberating after councils were given the option of opting in or out of the scheme. The regulations will apply across the shire, and not just to
  14. Mutton birds, bloody loads of the damn things,
  15. The rope off the mooring will be too thick to do anything except slip it over the bollard and pull it under the cross bars, If your worried tie a second mooring rope to the loop and tie it off to a cleat or bow rail. Option 2 if your bollard is a bit smaller. Option 3 If you can't tie knots tie lots
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