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  1. Could someone else take the helm ?
  2. Hi, As a rule of thumb sealed batteries should be changed every 3 - 4 years IMO don't risk it.
  3. Hi All, Thanks to all the Raiders for their kind words and thoughts we are happy with the results of the investigation we have the trailer back just no buggy as yet, the N.S.W. Police have done a fantastic job in arresting these guys a real needle in a haystack situation. To top it off Polaris Australia are providing a brand new buggy for Robbie whether or not we get his buggy back including the modifications to enable Robbie to drive it, in the event that we get the stolen buggy back we will be selling it and all the money will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Story in the daily Telegraph today:
  4. PLEASE PLEASE HELP - REGO # Y26175 My son's RZR buggy was stolen during the night (from outside our place whilst we are staying in hospital) I park my 4wd 2 inches from the hitch whoever took it cut the hitch lock and removed the Wheel clamp and pushed the trailer back between 2 vehicles ( 4 foot gap ) and hooked it up and drove off with it) It is always parked right outside my place covered with a Grey waterproof cover. This is more than devastating for us as this is my son's only pleasure as he is a quadriplegic and this vehicle was his pride and joy and the only pleasure or fun he has it had been specially modified with hand controls so he could drive it, please if anyone see's or has seen anything please get in touch with us. MOBILE # 0418292973 My son has spent more than 8 months of the last 24 in hospital and I am devastated that I now have to tell him this has been stolen by some low life. Last time i seen the trailer was around 11:45 pm last night when I arrived back from the hospital my bedroom is only 20 foot from the buggy and I never heard a damn thing probably due to the rain masking any sounds. Some pics:
  5. Scotty, I sent you a PM on Sunday night from elsewhere did you get it ??
  6. Hi Scott, Did you get out if so any luck ?
  7. Great trip a real adventure best of luck with rest of your journey
  8. Hi Dave, How's tricks mate you been out lately or out with Damo ?
  9. Cheers Marty really appreciated mate.
  10. Hi Marty, Well done guys what a fantastic report well worth the efforts, If you don't mind could you tell us the approx. fuel used and time taken from Port to Port?, did you stay at the Marina in Nelson bay? It's just that some day I would love to do a fishing trip like that one.
  11. Fishermen never lie about fish only about the size!
  12. Robofish, Check this site out: