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  1. kingfishaholic

    Port Stephens- The longtail are on!!!

    Awesome Stuff!! Great fish, thank you for the great report.
  2. kingfishaholic

    Mako/Gummy Shark Fishing Sydney

    Hey Guys! I would like to start targeting some sharks this winter, particularly Mako and or Gummy Sharks. Any advice or tips regarding locations to start at? I was thinking of heading down south towards Belambi and anchoring in say 20m. Appreciate all info, thank you in advanced :)
  3. kingfishaholic

    Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    Hey Guys, it's that time of the year again, the peak of summer and the dolphin fish should be out in force off sydney! Can we share some info, and help each other out regarding where they have been, any locations of fish traps/lobster traps located etc. Law of life, when you give, you get more, legends!
  4. kingfishaholic

    Port Stephens Snaps Time!!!

    Great Catch Scratchie, good to see your son is following in your guru footsteps ? Your the mayor of port Stephens fishing mate
  5. kingfishaholic

    Where are the MAHI?!

    Oscar your report is the one I was referring to, well done mate you seem to be the only one catching mahi mahi!!! ? This is season seems very quiet or just very little reports
  6. kingfishaholic

    Where are the MAHI?!

    The Mahi Mahi schools have been largely absent this year unfortunately. Rare reports of successful trips to the fads. One boat recently having luck at the port hacking fad. Anyone have any ideas where they are, if they are there and what they are taking?
  7. kingfishaholic


    @Raymondo how did you go?
  8. kingfishaholic


    We have heard of some just legal dollies caught off Botany Bay last week! Haven't given it s go myself yet, keep us updated
  9. kingfishaholic

    Surprise catch - (sole) - and a blast from the past

    Good to have you back Keflapod!!! And you have certainly not lost your finesse in writing. Your previous posts would inspire a young fishermen like myself that there were plenty of fish to be caught out there without spending an arm and a leg! Let the haters hate and do what you love most and share it with the world
  10. kingfishaholic

    Botany Bay Slimies

    Hey Guys, I often fish Botany Bay and hit up the usual Yakka bait grounds. However i would really like to know if there are reliable spots to get slimy mackeral for bait. I have heard of the drums, oil wharf etc. But anything in specific and consistant. Thank you very much in advanced
  11. kingfishaholic

    Black marlin and Mahi Mahi Sunday 25th

    What a report! Would have been an amazing day. Where abouts did you get the Dolly? Very lucky to keep the school next to you
  12. kingfishaholic

    Trolling 101

    Try to troll structure and just after dawn is best. Do large turns so as to avoid tangles and don't run over your own lures. If your sounding up fish do a few runs over the same area. Best bet is to have some deep lures and some surface lures (skirts). Scratchies advice re varying distance is critical!
  13. kingfishaholic

    Fad starting to fire?

    Fair enough, great insight fellas! At port Stephens a few guys got dollies at the fads there. Hopefully it picks up soon
  14. kingfishaholic

    Fad starting to fire?

    Hey Guys! When do you think the legal Dollies will be at the fads? I recall last year January there were heaps of rats around - so hopefully this year they'll be big! Also does the wide fad fire before the in close fad
  15. kingfishaholic

    Taking the misses fishing!

    Hey mate, Any light spinning gear will do the trick for your bread and butter fish, go light with line (4-6 lb) and lightest sinker possible. If your a beginner start off with some Big W gear it's cheap and does the job for the first few times when you'll be dropping your rods in the water etc. Also highly recommend speaking to any tackle shops in the region, entrance harder i itself has one. They provide the best local knowledge especially if your buying their product. Although their stories may be a little "tall" if you know what I mean Best bait is always live bait, yankees, worms or live prawns especially will be great And you should get heaps of hits. Coincide it with a few hours prior and post dawn/dusk and high/low tide. The entrance of lake entrance Is apparently great in summer so maybe give their a go. The little wharves have plenty of little mullet (use bread and tiny hooks). The main wharf at Saratgo in Brisbane waters has some great little bream, pike, mullet etc. (but no live bait around there so buy prior). And if your really adventurous Avoca has great salmon (beach fishing which you'll need a much longer rod and use Pillies on Ganged hooks! All the best tomorrow and have fun! Regards, Yusuf