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  1. Hey guys, Looking for 1 or 2 people to join us on a 6 day trip booked to the Ranfurly Banks on the the 21st to the 27th January. Had a couple of people pull out last minute. Cost is around $2500 Aus for the 6 days. Last trip we saw 20+ fish over the 30kg mark and it truly is a must do trip for any fisho. Feel free to pm me or give me a call if your keen or have any questions, im on the northern beaches and more than happy to meet and talk tackle and show some photos and footage. James 0403 816 724
  2. Back from 6 days at the Ranfurly banks, report to come!

  3. cluedifier

    Harbour and 12 mile 03/08/2011

    Cheers Mate, Was good getting out on the water, even if we didnt encounter any kingy's. Definitely have to organise another trip in the coming weeks! Thanks again, James
  4. cluedifier

    fishing tomorrow

    Pm Sent
  5. cluedifier

    crew needed

    Hey Mate, PM sent
  6. cluedifier

    Need help catching my first Kingy

    Yeah mate lately ive been cathing bonitos or tuna before targeting kings, they are very oily and bloody! ive found it to be the best bait other than live squid/very fresh squid, definitely worth a go!
  7. cluedifier

    Friday 8th Sydney harbour

    Hey mate, should have been more specific haha, yeah davo bridge (roseville bridge) my bad and yeah 5 in the morning but i am pretty flexible
  8. cluedifier

    Friday 8th Sydney harbour

    Hey guys, Got the day off uni tomorrow and going to be fishing the harbour fingers crossed the weather is good. My usual fishing mates are at work so just seeing if anyone is keen to head out. Flexible time of start but most likely around 5 from davo bridge. Dont mind what we target, either livebaits or plastics. Ive got a 4.5m half cabin. Cheers James
  9. cluedifier

    Where to buy cages for crabs?

    Was in a store the other day and saw them, i have also seen them in ****** in the past.
  10. cluedifier

    braid to mono knot

    Mate with that sort of thickness id be looking at a pr knot or a mid knot, very strong and goes through the guides great, didnt have either one fail with 15kgs drag and 30kg kings in NZ
  11. cluedifier

    Forster King

    Congrats mate if im not mistaken youve got the second biggest Kingfish on a lure, should post it in the records section aswell
  12. cluedifier

    Feeding your addiction

    Im with you PRED-ATOR, only just turned 20 and spent around 15-20grand feeding my addiction haha, trip to Nz, tackle, rods and reels and a boat. Wouldnt change a thing but, its worth every cent.
  13. Off too Nz Tomorrow, 5 days at the ranfurly Yewww!

    1. framedtrash


      how did you guys go at the banks

    2. cluedifier


      Yeah good mate, had a sensational run of kings, everyone boated a 30kg+ fish each with biggest going 41kg, at least 20 kings each over 20kgs aswell over two days, few boys got low 30's on poppers aswell! best fishin, already booked next year haha

  14. cluedifier

    Wanted, 2 Keen Jiggers For Nz Kingi Trip

    Just sent you an email, Very keen. Cheers James, 0403 816 724
  15. cluedifier

    First Ever Sydney King. Stoked!

    First off congrats mate, I saw you out there on the water this morning, i was one of the many boats casting at the schools haha (yellow/orange half cabin), managed three kings myself and salmon all on SP's. Saw you using the livies but and them getting scoffed down. Ive been a bit dry on the squid lately aswell give it time and it should pick up. Congrats again on the first kingy and from now on you'll be hooked for sure