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  1. Hi all I've already sent Fisheries an email but they're taking their time getting back to me so posting here if anyone can provide insight into this closure at Hawkesbury River (Cowan & Jerusalem Bay). I'd like to go crabbing here if it's permissible. I take it witches hats and hoop nets are off limits but is a crab pot/trap considered a net? Also what is meant by "any species of fish"? Do crustaceans and invertebrates fall into this category? Thanks in advance Paul
  2. Details can be found here Two fishing rod mounting bases Dry storage compartment Easy to use central Joystick Adjustable foot pedals On board digital display Dimensions: 104" x 28.5" , 264 x 73 cm GT dimensions: 115" x 29" , 292 x 74 cm Dry weight: 128 lbs – 60 kg, GT Model dry weight: 139 lbs - 65 kg Rider weight limit: 190 lbs - 86 kg Rider weight limit:(GT) 250 lbs - 113 kg Electric start Max speed: 25 mph, 40 kmh Engine: 9.5 hp four-stroke Closed loop water cooling system 2 gallon gas tank: 2 hours at full throttle!
  3. Tony Thanks again for the great day out mate was heaps of fun! Learned heaps too from fishing to boating to popping pills. You pulled out all the techniques. Trolling, downrigging, jigbaiting, soft plastics Those were my first dollies too so I can cross that off the list Also I've never seen kingies that small, seen bigger yakkas. Also sorry for driving the boat over those floating balls haha. Anyways take care mate. Hopefully we can get out on the water again sometime. Cheers Paul
  4. Well done Al Should have taken the day off and joined ya!
  5. JVA I fish all those areas more Botany and Hacking. Can take you out on the PA 12 sometime if you haven't already tried one out. Cheers Paul
  6. Great report Tony. Fantastic day to be out getting all those reds mate. Save some for the rest of us
  7. Mate I'm use to sitting in a kayak so that bow was like an upgrade to first class . I'll take that spot anytime
  8. Paul


    Keep an eye out for the Quickboat as well mate. They don't look as flimsy as the Porta-Botes. There's meant to be a new release in August this year. I'm personally a huge fan of these modular car toppers for people that have storage restrictions and can't wait to see what new designs are available in the future. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi Raiders Since this was one of my main sources of jewie information, I'd like to give a little back. From my last few estuary outings with several different techniques from live bait to fresh dead bait and plastics, I'd like to share the tactic that has been most consistently successful for me hooking up to jewies in the double digits ranging from 55cm to 80cm. Not the monsters that everyone dreams of, but a good place to start. I'm sure the same tactic would work when the larger jewies pass through, just upsize the baits/hooks a little. Please excuse the poor diagram. Tides: Run in or out Moon: Didn't matter Rod: Anywhere between 1-5 kg Line: Anywhere between 3lb to 8lb. Lighter more fun obviously but heavier increases chances of landing the fish and not busting off. Leader is important especially since I land quite a few bream that jump around on deck and can nick the line every now and then so keep an eye on it. Bait or Lure: Fresh is best. Large prawns, tailor, yakka, herring strips or fillets. I'm sure squid works too but haven't tried. For lure, something with gold or silver flecks e.g Z-Man MinnowZ (gold rush or opening night) Rig: Braid to leader with your knot of choice to a jighead. Hook size can vary but I like to keep mine small as I target bream at the same time. Weight varies as well, the general rule I like to stick to is heavy enough to hit and bounce around the bottom but light enough to feel the bites (In my case I use 1/4 or 1/6). Technique: Please see the diagram below. From the cast area, wind in slack with the drift so you can keep the line tight and feel the activity of your bait and lure at all times in the strike zone. If you feel a jewie take it, STRIKE and STRIKE HARD (make sure your drag isn't locked or you can pull the hook). The rest is just fighting and keeping the fish on the line by keeping the line tight, reeling it in and landing it. Kept two for the table last night Hope that helps. Cheers Paul
  10. That's a trip of a lifetime Ray. Good mates, good fish, good food and drink and fantastic weather too by the looks of it. What was the temperature like over there? Thanks for sharing. Cheers Paul
  11. Can't say that I have mate.
  12. Paul

    Happy Birthday Roberta

    Happy birthday Roberta Hope ya have a great day and a speedy recovery. Cheers Paul
  13. Well done mate. Always good to get the first one out of the way. There's only 2 paths from here on. Back to a normal life... or the dark side lol Cheers Paul
  14. 3 lb Fireline and 6 lb leader 1-3 kg rod. Think my mate had 4lb braid, and 6lb leader. We sorta just launch and then find our own spots and do our own thing and yell out to each other every once in a while.