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  1. paul1616

    squid sydney

    hi guys just after abit of help im going squiding in the harbour on the weekend im putting my boat in at rose bay realy dont now where to try and help would be great guys cheers
  2. paul1616

    squid sydney harbour

    hi guys just after abit of help been try to catchj squid in sydney harbour havnt had much luck i put my baot in at rose bay and place u guys could reconmend
  3. paul1616

    live bait sydney

    hi guys just after abit of help havnt fished the harbour much im will be putting my boat in at rose bay and im an looking at get some live yellow tails and squid any spots a should look at trying and help would be great cheers
  4. paul1616

    artifical reef sydney

    cheers guys not gonna hit it until summer hope fully try and pull some kings off it
  5. paul1616

    artifical reef sydney

    hey guys just seening if any 1 has fished the artifical reef off sydney head and report of fish hanging around
  6. paul1616

    squid in harbour

    cheers guys will do
  7. paul1616

    squid in harbour

    hey raider im heading out from rose bay on sunday hoping to get some squid for chase some kins any advise where i may beable to hook some up any 1 else gonna be out on the weekend let me know cheers
  8. paul1616

    Squid Squid and more Squid?

    neva tryed to get squid befor in the bay wheres the best plase to rty for always used yakks
  9. paul1616

    2 days... 100+ kings? 30kg+? HELL YEAH!

    hey mate looks like use had a great time how did use go about organising the trip mate did they use have to take your own gear or did tthey supply it i herd u hav to take your own jigs and bout how much did it coast im keen to get overe there so badly
  10. paul1616

    south head

    there an old reck nere south head and there lots of reef nere the cap good drop off and reef there
  11. paul1616

    south head

    hey guys head out to the harbour this sunday had any body fish the new man made reef off south head iv to the gps marks for i mite giv it a go maybe find some kings around it
  12. paul1616

    Syd Hbr FAD

    cheers mate do u know about how km the FADS r out
  13. paul1616

    Norfolk Island-huge kings!

    nice kings mate looks wild over did they suppl all gear and jiggs
  14. paul1616

    botney bay

    yeh i dont eat them but my dad just put them in boiling water for bout 8 mins til they go red na there all blue swimmers crabs
  15. paul1616

    botney bay

    when out last week for a fish and to drop some crabs pit didnt get many fish but done well with a nice feed of crabs