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  1. Nice fish!! Certainly looks bigger than 39!
  2. Good report mate. I love fishing Wamberal, the in laws have a place at Terrigal, and every time we visit I take the beach rods.
  3. Great catch, looks like you nailed the cooking too! Nice hat....
  4. I've managed a few off Central Coast beaches, but they don't seem to be out in numbers yet...
  5. Cheers for the info Rexaway.
  6. Very nice work! Do you just tie dropper loops for your paternoster rig?
  7. Great result! Were you using a paternoster rig when drifting?
  8. Great result off the beach mate! Care to share which one it was?
  9. Good stuff mate. Were you fishing the rocks or the beach?
  10. Nice fish! I've often wondered if soft plastics could be used at night, I guess they can be!
  11. Mate exactly the same thing happened to me!!! 2 years ago when I bought my first boat (privately) I took it to a well know boat dealer on the beaches to fit a 2nd hand Yamaha I bought from them. The big day came to pick it up, was hitched up to the car ready to take off to the ramp, and my mate who was with me spotted it at the last minute. The bottom bung was clear, but the bung above that was behind a perspex type thing that the had the motor mounted over. Thank f&*k he noticed it, because being my first boat I would never have known. The dealer ended up doing a dodgy and installed a new thread on the INSIDE of the boat, so to put the bung in you would have to move the fuel tank, get on your stomach and reach back behind to the transom and put it in that way. It leaked terribly, and was a massive hassle to insert and remove the bung. I copped it for a few months, then went back and made em fix it properly. They ended up just drilling out the perspex over the bung so I can fit it from the outside again. PM me if the dealer was on the Northern Beaches, cause if he is the same bloke then it's worth reporting.
  12. Wow that's really generous of you! I would love to put my hand up, but I think it would be nice for it to go to someone who really can't afford it. If you get no taker though, PM me!