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  1. I expect it was bourne of the fact that people would tie stuff down on a trailer, but would not necessarily think of the contents of the boat, and that they also need to be secured. But also the point that as you mentioned, the weight of the gear needs to be taken into account. fridge, beer, bait, gear, rods, fuel etc
  2. I was under the impression that the boat must be empty whilst being towed, not loaded with gear and beer, tents and bait? the same with caravans? Johnno
  3. I use willy, weatherzone and oz weather, and recon on the common forecast from them all as they are all different. recently I found this bewdy site, updated every 3 hours, click on a spot and get local conditions, zoom out for the whole world http://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=149.46,-35.83,3000
  4. my thoughts too, with the weight of the system and the tanks, 1 litre of water weighs 1 kg, it would mount up. so for a trip out, your would need to rinse after launching, and rinse after retrieval. if you can get it down to a jerrycan for each, factor 25 kg for each jerrycan. provided you do not alter the structure of the trailer, by ubolting and hoseclipping everything in place, it should pass test. it would be worthwhile getting your trailer and fully loaded boat weighed first so you know how much additional weight you can add (the boat is supposed to be empty whilst on the road, not full of gear, but allow for that anyway, and watch your towball weight. this is for cleaning the trailer and possibly the engine right? the boat structure gets washed later at home, as it is better protected by paint? I considered spray coating the inside of the trailer frame with tectyl, making my own super long pressure sprayer
  5. Hi Guys, does anyone have a set of plans for a scissor net? much easier than working it out myself, I have googled and come up with nothing solid, also where would I get the approved size of netting? getting hungry, Pirate
  6. oooh that area looks popular, lets close it. or no one fishes there, so we will monitor it, and if they start to use it we will close that too! that's my cynicism done for today!
  7. not sure about prawns, though most locals recommend the lake, I find the bigger flatties drifting along the 20 mtr mark, also 6 spine leatherjackets and red rocks, hit a shoal of very small snapper last season, looking for their parents this time. keep you eyes on your pot, mine got lifted and the bait clip removed (it was tied in)
  8. neoprene chest waders have a lot of buoyancy, but unfortunately float you upside down if you try and swim in them, and are not easy to get off! many years ago my father (commercial fisho) fouled his prop and got washed on the rocks, had to swim for it in oilskins and waders, only a couple of metres then a vey heavy climb out of the water, he said it was a hell of a struggle, and he was a fit man, had to cut his waders down to booties in order to climb the cliffs,
  9. darn, missed it, we are moving home to Culburra Beach this weekend, and I was hoping to see the Lake wollumboola opening and draining out. also can't wait until prawn season and warmer weather, getting the boat in and a bit of serious fishing. sunshine and seafood, bliss. may bump into you on your trip reese
  10. did you find my rig in the 'weedfish' it sounds like one of the ones I caught recently, brown in colour and kinda ugly? lol
  11. Hey Chickenman, log on to the local newspapers in Nowra for fishing reports, but take em with a pinch of salt as the authors want to sell you bait and lures, also fishing camping and boating stores sometimes have area reports, as do most tackle shops and angling shops pirate
  12. Hi Guys, Anyone got a fishing report for the Culburra/Shoalhaven/Jervis Bay area, land based. I'll be there next weekend for a week. ? anything on the beaches, Is fishing still allowed at The Tubes? any good spots for squid and baitfish? Any help welcomed thanks, Pirate
  13. the bar is not particularly bad, but like everything, on occasions it can be, I've never had difficulty in a 475m. research is the key, there are a few shallow bits on the north side of the channel. hang around a bit and see where the locals cross it
  14. Hey Guys, has anyone fished the new shoalhaven artificial reef recently? its been there 6 months now so it should have bedded in, just interested to see if it is working