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  1. do you drop it straight down and leave it just short of bottom (2m) ? or cast out and let it sink
  2. I'm trying some jigging in a couple weeks off a charter through sydney heads. Gear on the light side with 20pd braid (heavier leader prob 40-50pd) and jigs at 100g and 85g. Hopefully good enough to get down. Been a while between fishing dates to, so quite excited. Thanks for the tips to Chao Be nice to put a report in on some fish too
  3. arty9


    Cheers guys, might take a squish one day go past. Might be nice spot out of the wind, let you know when I give it a go..
  4. arty9


    You talking about as far south off the golf course, or head further north along the eastern shore. Never fished there and interested, help much appreciated
  5. Sensational work!! Absolutely love a fish taco and will be giving it a go.. Great work
  6. Thanks mrs swordie I will get some pictures up as soon I get to office and try photos from there Any help from doing it on the phone will be appreciated. I know it's I frequent question for you, just being lazy?
  7. Hello raiders, Haven't posted or commented (apologies) for quite a while, But read everyone posts every week. Only bit of fame lately is winning the fishraider footy comp ? It's been far and few between trips last few months due to work and having first baby boy who turned 1 yesterday.. So after all the cleaning I decided I need a fish before I head back to work. So hit the bay a little late for a perfect morning on the water. No wind and slow drift, flicked some plastics and not long onto my first bream at 29cm. Stoked as I haven't caught many bream on plastics yet.. Few bumps in between and was about to pack up and move when BANG, this had weight.. After a few dances around the tinny trying not to walk on anything and slip over and a great fight, up came a 45cm Trevally, biggest I've seen or caught personally out of the bay. Great fun. Picked up a 50cm flatly as well not long after. Brother was after quality which he only caught small reddies, porcupine toadfish, grinner, octopus and a squid size of a plastic.. Quite funny.. The bay shut down and time to go. Until next time happy new year and all the best to your families Struggling to work out how to post picture in from my phone.. Post it soon when I figure it out Tight lines Arty9
  8. A 6m Stabicraft i think is sufficient for a first prize Ill take the runners up fishing then
  9. Great comp this year, What a grandfinal!!! The Doggies may of not been there this year but am glad to finish on top of the tipping comp.... WOOHOO Thanks to all participants.. Now lets get fishing Arty
  10. arty9

    Lure sale...

    Think you need three more reels than to make up for those 3 spare rods, mike
  11. No dramas, if it was caught at molli point, prob schooling with some kings. Good luck finding its parents. Up the gear thou. I'm trying to go this week with some time off with a new born, weather permitting
  12. Juvenile Samson fish, hence the good fight
  13. Awesome Squid there Groper. Think its time to change your title, thou some of those squids are the size of a Groper Am trying different ways to cook squid (from the shop unfortunatley) lately, love the way how yours look. Any chance of the secret herbs and spices. If you like PM me thou not sure how that works Be much appreciated
  14. arty9

    No idea?

    Yep...Caught one at weipa Said it was a mother in law fish... Slade bream or something like that