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  1. Awesome, Cant wait till the weather clears up to try to catch some hoodlums. Went out last week but Swell was large.
  2. Nice catch,Well done. Weather looking bad for the foreseeable future, best to go and take the chance between.
  3. Absolutley right. The ratio of rats to legal is so high. While there are big kings in botany they are so hard to find. around 1 month ago i spent the whole day at caltex terminal for not a nibble and out of now where this one hits my 3-6kg rod.But Im gonna start my focus at out at sydney heads just need to get a good swell that comes on a weekend. Some friends are getting hoodlums out there.
  4. Wow you had a crazy day. That would be a awesome fight with that beast. The dates that fish was confirmed in that area so far is from 17feb to 22febuary. Intresting to know if it is gone.
  5. I find Fresh Squid strips the best. They have been doing the most damage. The Remora was on squid. I caught one years back also on squid at the caltex terminal. If The kings are active pilchard cubes work good as well. Ive also caught kings with solf plastics at botany with just leaving it in rod holder, bounces it self on bottom.
  6. he was a very large large crab. Just to give u an idea that tailor in the photo was 42cm. photo does not give justice to how big this crab was or the fish actually were. Its the only crab i have ever caught of a boat. Hook tangled and got caught on the claw. The Kingfish was slightly over 65cm and after being bent after hardness in esky when i took that photo. The crab claw span was over 45cm. Ill be dam happy if that is a record in Sydney.
  7. Started fishing fishing at botany at 8am today. It was windy and not the best of conditions, but glad there was no rain. Did not see the shark or had any fish destroyed, but I did catch its buddy the Remora which is usually around the shark. Awesome fish. My son wanted to eat it. He likes to try all fish but i explained that its better to let this beautiful fish go. Just before throwing the fish back he wanted to try its suction head on the Esky. I couldn't believe how strong it was. I could not remove the fish it was stuck. I had to put water on top of it and slide down the side of the esky for it to come off. What a amazing fish. Beside that we had a mixed bag. Also had another rat king thrown back. The blue swimmer crab was big.
  8. Wow Man you had one crazy day. Awesome report. Good on you guys for offering all the help with all the risks involved.
  9. Wow the shark was still there yesterday. It is getting a good feed on kingfish Glad the seals are hanging out at the drums. They have sensed the danger. I hope they stay there until the shark has completely gone. Will be sad to see them killed.