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  1. martymonsta

    Polycraft Tuff Tender

    While I haven't fished out of a tuff tender (I love my 4.1 challenger though) check out some of the things you can catch out of one. Found this on YouTube Marty
  2. martymonsta

    Slashing red tape on the water Media Release

    A speed limit of 60knots for towing kids - I hope so!!!
  3. martymonsta

    Lures and rust

    I carry a small plastic container filled with fresh water with me when I go out, each time I swap lures they go into the fresh water. Then when I get home I simply take them out and leave them to air dry (saves rinsing when you get home plus by that time the reaction to the metal from the salt water may have already started). Just don't leave them in the fresh water too long as they'll start to rust in there too (eventually). I've found cooking oil spray on the hooks once they've tried helps to ward off rust as well. Might even do the same thing as WD40/Inox etc at a lower cost and no chemical residue/smell either. Marty
  4. martymonsta

    Depth and fish finder

    Google the Raymarine Dragonfly - awesome sounders. If you don't need GPS and mapping you can pick up a 4DVS (down scan + traditional chirp sonar) for $250. If you want GPS that will set you back around $400 for the 4Pro model and that also includes handy wifi for being able to connect to your smart phone/tablet via an app to send the sonar signal to the screen. I find it particularly handy on my boat which has a casting deck allowing me to see what is on the sounder even if the sounder head unit is out of sight (fixed to the rear facing dash). The detail on the Dragonfly's is awesome. Marty
  5. martymonsta

    First boat (fishing)

    Don't rule out something like a Polycraft 4.1 for that price range. Most of the ones for that price are the open tiller steer boats but you may be lucky and pick up a side console around the $7K mark. I have one and love it, very stable and low maintenance. Look for a 40-50hp outboard on it. Marty
  6. martymonsta

    Shimano Stradic VS Daiwa Freams

    Stradic for me as well but don't limit yourself to just the ci4, they've also got the FK model which is a beauty! Marty
  7. martymonsta

    Another New Kayak.

    Hi mate, how did you set up that rod holder on your ceiling? Great use of space! Marty
  8. martymonsta

    Yak help.

    What are you fishing for and where - river/estuary/lake/harbour/offshore etc.... this should be the main consideration for deciding what type of kayak to get mate. Marty
  9. martymonsta

    Ultra-light Reels

    If you can stretch the budget to a Stradic (Ci4 or FJ) you won't be disappointed. I have both a Symetre 2500 on a 2-4kg rod and a Stradic 2500 Ci4 on a 1-3kg rod and the Stradic is much much better. Marty
  10. martymonsta

    Look to buy a 5 meter open boat..

    What about a Polycraft 5.3m Centre console?
  11. martymonsta

    Finally cracked the 1m Jew - Twice!

    Well done mate! Were the goldfish flakes a secret ingredient in your recipe? :-) Marty
  12. martymonsta

    New kayak. Suggestions please!

    Apart from being 4kg over your 25kg limit (you'll struggle to find something that long under 25kg with your price limit) checkout something like the Scorpio Terrapin XL kayak with rudder, paddle and seat under $700. Marty
  13. martymonsta

    445f alternative

    If you are after a 4.5m Centre console why not a 4.5m Polycraft? Should be able to find a nice one with a 4stroke outboard for under $15k & if you're lucky a 4.8m Brumby for around $18k. Marty
  14. martymonsta

    Penn jigmaster 500l

    I use mine out of a kayak trolling for pelagics and they are simple but great reels for the job. Apparently you can pimp them up a bit especially the drags (see Alan Tani website) but for my use they are perfect - simple and functional. Marty
  15. martymonsta

    Light rod recommendations

    I have a Stradic Ci4 2500 matched to a Crucis Aegis 1-3kg rod and fish 4lb braid with it, great combo in my opinion. Rod retails for around the $120 - $130 mark. Marty