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  1. Well done guys. I fished Clarke Point for a big fat zero. If anyone wants to help me out with a few tips on spotz to try, I would realy appraiciate the help.
  2. Macca. I have not caught any on feather jigs but several on hard bodies in red and white patterns. I know a couple of places up the coast where mullet will school usually in the colder months. I have best results at the bottom end of run out tide and in the dark phase of the moon. We aslo used to live bait on boby corks off stockton brea1k wall during flood. The dark water ran out hard and usually the current went south so cleaner water was on the north side of the wall. Live baits into the clearer water usually resulted in jew or sharks.
  3. Nice catch I do not know the harbor well and am looking to fish on Tuesday. I have weed and would gladly share if there is anyone with some local knowledge that would help out with some tips on spots.
  4. After not fishing for a long time, my son and I decided that Friday morning was the designated time to pull the 2 man caneo off the fence, the lure boxes from the bottom draw and try to catch a few bass in the Nepean River. Its been over 18 months since I have been at the end of Devlin's Lane and with the sun not yet up we carried the caneo down the rock steps and launched it into the river. The first thing we noticed is the water in the river is warm and a great colour. I do not like it crystal clear and to me the very slight mirk shows good water flow. As soon as we paddled out into the river the major change became very clear. THERE IS NO WEED!!!!! As the light became stronger and it took very time to find that fish were active with mullet and herrings everywhere and the first strike from a bass came soon after. Actually it took 4 strikes on a surface crawling cicada lure before the fish numer 1 was brought to the caneo and then released. As normal this fish was not large but thats what we expect from the Nepean River lots of little game fish, but for years I have said to my son I think bigger fish are here but in the weed beds and not catchable. It took about 4 more fish to find out that maybe my theory was correct. A small purple deep diving lure hit the water and within milliseconds was swallowed in a take that looked like a tiny fish. About 3 seconds latter with line coming off the reel and not making any ground on the fish I soon said to my son this could be the biggest bass i have caught in the river. It was and measured 38cm not a huge Bass but a good solid fish. Over the full session we landed and released 17 Bass from the usual little guys that amaze you at their ability to hit lures not much smaller that they are to the biggest of 38cm, with quite a few fish in the 34cm to 36cm range. As we were putting the caneo back on the car we both said that we had the best session ever had in the Nepean River and we have fished it from Wallacia to the entrance of the Colo over many years. If your after a bass guys I dont think you will have a better chance that right now and and this summer in the Nepean River.
  5. Hi Just thought I would add a little to this thread. Look at Surtees boats. A guy I know had a Barcrusher and has sold it to purchase one of these. They are very similar. Cheers Kingpig
  6. There are squirt worms in Chipping Norton Basin and also along some of the banks of the Georges River. You can pump them. If you have done this before then I will not try to tell you how to suck eggs. I find them best if rolled in an old towel to sort of dry them out. If you used to the big fat squit worms that you see down south them the ones up here are going to dissapoint but not to bad.
  7. Hi Well done on the bass. Fishing in the tidal zones for these guys can be a bit hit and miss. Can you tell us what the tide was when you got fish. I have usually found the end of the run out is better. Cheers Kigpig
  8. Hi. My brother and I have caught several Jew on hard bodies however I must say that this has only happend in two locations. One is in Ballina and the other is Stockton. The thing both these locations have in common is:- They are regular jew fish haunts. They have overhead lighting not bright but still enought. Bait fish school there. Specially mullet and in Ballina Herrings as well. We fish manly new moon faises. 1 hour before and after low tide. If you can find this combiantion then use faily large shallow diving lures and work them slow. Stop start wind and then let the lure suspend the jerk again. Hope this helps
  9. Excellent result. The ugly looking character you caught is actually a Numb Fish. Be careful with these they are an electric ray and can give you a nasty shock. It is actually intersting you caught one im not sure how many people would have seen one up close. Cheers and tight lines Kingpig
  10. Mark the spot where you got the Jew. Most likley you found a hole or some other structure they hang around and if you fish this area again on tide changes more fish may come your way.
  11. I have fished beaches with large slab and live baits for jew. I think your looking to small. Try a 7144 Schnider. I have used this rod to fish unweighted crab for groper and cast big slab baits for jew. Lives i find are beeter swum then cast. castnig them kills them to fast. Put a balloon on and float one out.
  12. Mate Thats a cracker pig. Did well to get him out. South of Knobby's around bar beach there is some good platforms usually with lots of cabbage and weed. Or Merryweather baths down to the bogie hole. Take care fish in pairs and watch the water. Tight lines
  13. Hey guys My brother is a fairly serious lure maker and has good results on his efferts. He uses 2mm polycarbinate. Lezan or perpex. Perspex can crack and cause you greif but the lezan is good. Cheers.
  14. Mate on that occasion he may of caught more fish but i dont think it would be bait selection. Pigs love pealed prawns but you need to berly hard with bread and fish as light as you can. I use 20lb mono but i find the absolute smallest sinker possible is the trick. when you feel it begin to settle on the bottom lift he rod tip and let it slowly sink again. Gropper are another story they will take cunji but their favourate is red crab. That will out fish any bait anytime. Again the lightest sinker you can get away with is best. Just my thoughts. Stay safe if you go looking for cunji it grows low down and is not that easy to cut off the rock. Cheers Kingpig
  15. Always bleed your blackfish either when you catch them or keep them alive before you are going to clean them, then bleed them first. I dont even scale them. Fillet and skin them the scales on makes this easier. Just my thoughts and man i have caught lots and lots of blackfish. And enjoyed many many meals of white sweet blackfish fillets. YUMMMMYYY Cheers Kingpig