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  1. Thanks fellas for the replies especially about the carpark. I've decided not to launch solo and I'll try hook up with a few mates to make it easier. I'm planning heading up in next few weeks pending my mates availability. I hate to be holding up the ramp trying to tie boat and park the trailer. Some people can be a bit narky at the ramp as I've experienced in the past.
  2. Hi Raiders I'm looking for good fishing partners based in Canberra to fish jervis bay or batesman bay. I've recently upgraded to a 5.7m ali boat and would love good fishing company to go fishing with. I'm a 37 years old father of 3 young kids so I dont get much time to go fishing but when i do i need good fishing partner to go fishing with, someone who can drive a boat and reverse a trailer would be great. We can split the cost of fuel/bait. I've got fishing gears and happy to share but you're welcome to bring your own if you like. Pm if interested. Cheers,
  3. Hi guys, I'm thinking of heading down to Jervis Bay from Canberra and launching at Murray Beach boat ramp but I'm nervous about the ramp at low tide as I dont have experience with that ramp and I'm launching solo and I heard its quite shallow. I've only been there once with my kids to play on the beach next to the ramp. Any raiders got tips and warnings on using Murray beach boat ramp for a 5.7m ali boat especially at low tide? Any raiders in Canberra with experience using Murray beach ramp and would like to join me plz pm me. Thanks.
  4. Hey Zarn Thanks for the kind offer I'll definitely take you up on it. The timing is a bit off as I'm moving houses. But definitely let you know when in back in Sydney. Cant wait!
  5. Yes the drag was set to max. I don't take chances with kingie.
  6. I was using 80lb braid and 100lb trace with a barrel sinker of about 2kg I think as there's no rating on it. I guess go heavy enough to hit the bottom then wind up a bit and slow troll. I learnt this off Scotty Lyons on one of his fishing trip.
  7. A long time reader of this forum but first time poster as I have'nt caught anything to report on. With the Easter long weekend I was keen as mustard to go fishing. So it was decided that Sunday 20th April we would hit Botany Bay with my fishing buddy and a visiting relo from oversea. The forecast was perfect, just 6 knots. We launch at foreshore boat ramp at about 7am and the place was empty. We headed straight to Kurnell to catch squids. Within 5 mins my relo said "there's no squids here lets go fish somewhere else". So I proceeded to remove his squid jig and tie a running ball sinker rig for him so he can fish. And he was happpy.. for a while Meanwhile my fishing buddy and I was trying to catch some squid and around 9:30am when the sun was brigter I managed to hook up first to a squid. My first ever squid on my boat! I was esctastic!! There was high fives all around on the boat. My fishing buddy never really believe there's any squids in botany bay. Then he was on and now we've got 2 squids. In the next 1 hour or so we caught 2 bigger squids and I made the call to go hunt Kingie. So we attach our poor's man downrigger and slow troll past the green marker near Bare Island. First pass nothing but we realised the lines were tangled so after untangling the line we made a second pass. As the boat went pass the green marker the rod bent over and the line screams off my Spheros 10000. My fishing buddy tried but couldnt get the rod out of the rod holder so I told him to steer the boat and take us to deeper water. Lines was still screaming off the reel as I managed to pulled it out of the rod holder. With heart pounding I am holding the rod but the beast is too strong so my relo jumped in to hold onto the rod as well. So now its 2 vs 1 but before we knew it the fish spooled us. We tried a few more pass but nothing. Same story at Moli point. I'll never know what beast pulls that hard but I'll guess its one big angry kingie. This session will be one I wont forget in a while. I've been trying to catch squids to target kingie for a while now without success but now finally catching squids, it is a very satisfying feeling. I now feel i'm a step closer to realizing my dream of catching a metre kingie. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Quintrex480 for all his gernerous tips on catching squids and downrigging for kingie. Sorry for the long report and no pixs as I didnt think I would catch anything. Next time i'll take some pictures and hopefully a kingie or two. Here's to hoping.