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  1. G'day My biggest piece of advice is get a worm farm. Since I've started pouring worm juice on my garden weekly, my chillies, and the rest of my veggies are going great. Also once your chillis start fruiting cut down the water and you trick the plant into growing more seeds, as they think they are going to starve. Cheers Leo
  2. G'day Steve Apparently it's on a pro boat Cheers Leo
  3. G'day, I've only fished landbased around the pier in Lucinda. But have caught legal grunter(javelin fish), a 4 kg butter bream, wolf herring, and a few unstopables. A good place for bait is around the sugar pier with the cast net, or around smaller creeks at low tide. Buy some crab pots also, plenty of muddies in the hinchinbrook channel, look for creeks and run offs feeding into main channel in the mangroves. The fishing up there is unbelievable, just focus around the tide changes. Also if you're there around the full moon the prawns should be running. Or black moon the fingermark will be on the shallow reefs, fresh squid for bait. Cheers Leo
  4. He's got reflexes like a cat. I wish I could move that quick Cheers Leo
  5. From memory 3-4/0s on 10 and 20 footers and 6/0s on 30 footers. Maybe a slight decrease on hookups but then again I can't remember pulling hooks once since switching. Except one trevally that was only lightly hooked on a tiny (too small) hook that was more intended for a bream. I'm so happy with them I've upgraded everything from bream gear and blades right up to the game lures. Its so much easier setting one hook than 3. And dehooking is also a breeze. Cheers Leo
  6. G'day I use decoy sergeants. Cheers Leo
  7. LeoB

    Circle Hooks

    G'day I've used them on offshore flathead for a while, and are now my go to hooks Cheers Leo
  8. G'dayI've got a side loader and can honestly say I wouldn't be able to load the yak solo without it due to a bad back. Cheers Leo
  9. G'day the marlin should be showing up around cape bowling green south of Townsville around then. Mostly juveniles to 10-15kgs. But good fun on light gear. If your keen for night fishing the fingermark will be around the headlands. The best bait being live squid which you can catch with small jigs 1.8-2, in the lights from the boat or even better a light in the water. Not to mention coral trout if your willing to make the run out to the reef. And as always mud crabs in the creeks. Cheers Leo
  10. Yeah being a contortionist would definitely help. Cheers Leo
  11. Oh and to route the cables I made a grommet out of sikaflex I pretty much laid a big glob around the cable and after it had skinned over, half an hour or so I shaped it with wet fingers. I had to cover a 20mm hole for the plug, and didn't think silicone had enough strength to hold it. Let me know if you want pictures. Cheers Leo
  12. G'day. I mounted my tranny just about under my seat in the keel, and it has worked fine. I was thinking that there would rarely be any air that far under the yak. I mounted mine with sellys all clear that I left in a tub of hot water to 10 mins, to make it runnier, which helps to encourage any air bubbles to float to the surface, and keep the nozzle of the silicone the head of the tube submerged in the glob and you shouldn't get any bubbles. To prep before gluing I gave the position where I was mounting a sand with some 80grit sandpaper, and cleaned it well with metho. After you glue it don't touch the kayak for at least a week as silicone takes that long to fully harden when it's in a big glob, I had a mate that left it for 3 days and the silicone and tranny peeled off after about a month and we had to redo it. Hope this helps. Cheers Leo
  13. G'day I don't think it would be. I've got a dsi model and it runs on 455/800 hertz instead of the traditional 80/200 Cheers Leo
  14. G'day mate Great to see, keep up the good work Cheers Leo
  15. If you add bait you can only have 3 hooks Cheers Leo