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  1. Think we are waiting for Bennoz, but given the wind it's not looking promising. Howling outside now!
  2. Postpone the wedding, I can break the news to your fiance ! Fishing before girly weddings !
  3. Monday and Wed next week look like perfect days to go This has got to be our backup plan??
  4. SIGH! I think the predicted winds just came! WSW and already blowing!
  5. Come on guys, if worst comes to worst guys, follow the Australian tradition of a sickie!! We owe it to ourselves!
  6. The WSW winds I think are the issue combined with the 1.5M swell, Saturday isn't looking that good but Sunday is! Bugger! Next Monday and Tuesday look awesome though!!
  7. IF we cant go, then we all take a sickie next week as the swell is tiny from monday all week.??
  8. I love how your laughing when you said you broke his nose, same sick sense of humor as myself !
  9. Agreed lol, fishing is the R&R of champions! Surfing is the sport of champions! NRL is the sport of Frock wearing nancy boys!
  10. Origin - NRL all a bunch of frock wearing nancy boys !
  11. My god! I think love you Mrs Sword! Who would have thought?? in love with a swordfish !
  12. I meant to say its not a fishing topic!! Chat or report! NRL...Sheesh...no interest at all..the only interest we have is
  13. Is this a fishing report? NO! I have no time for Origin or NRL to be posted here! ...this is a fishing report topic! Post it somewhere else
  14. Weather is looking awesome for Saturday... 1.0 - 1.3m swell, wsw winds, and sunny !!! I can already feel some monsters out there !
  15. Just a heads up guys, it may pay better to look at maps and study the charts from bom.gov.au. All the wind reports from willy and the like come from Bom, Bom have the stations and can predict to a certain degree. But if you look at the charts on Bom, lows, highs etc, you can get a feel for how the weather is moving and hence wind and swell + also its not the hard to learn My prediction for next weekend the 18th and 19th .....1.5 metre swell decreasing, overcast but clearing and little wind....lets see if I'm correct lol