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  1. Thanks for that Frank, yeah I’d love to get up to the cape. Could you get a glass centre console up there with a rock guard?
  2. Hi raiders, I’m planning a trip towards the end of this year or early next year. I have a 6.1m pioneer centre console, I’ve got a 2 week leave pass, happy to camp on islands and looking to target mackerel, GT’s, trout etc. I did a trip last year where we camped on hook island in the Whitsundays for 5 nights and we ended up getting bugger all. I definitely don’t want to have another donut trip, so if anyone could recommend some spots to look at that’d be great. Thanks 👍
  3. Hi Jon, what sort of jigs were you using?
  4. Thanks for getting back to me JonD. We’ve got 2 x 6m centre cabs with 200L fuel tanks. The reef is around 60km so shouldn’t be a problem on a good day. There should be mackerel around the islands this time of year so hopefully we get onto a few. Thanks mate
  5. Hi guys/girls, We’re going camping on Hook island (Whitsundays) in a month for a week and I was seeing if anyone had any marks or advice to share for the area? I’m thinking of heading to leeper shoal and jester reef (near Deloraine island) or would it be better getting out to the GBR (weather permitting)? Also seeing if it’s worth running down to Edward and yuindalla islands? I’ve fished the area a few years ago and got mackerel, trout, long tail tuna around dolphin point and mackerel bay but it was fairly tough given it’s such a large area to fish. Any advice would be much appreciated 👍
  6. Hi guys, just seeing if anyone has any experience with camping on the islands in the Whitsundays? We’re going up in August with 2 x 6 metre boats and are looking for the best place to camp where we can get the boat ashore without too much trouble. Also looking for somewhere that’s fairly protected from S/E winds. Also not sure if certain sites are worse than others for midges etc? Any advice would be great. Thanks 👍
  7. Just interested to know if anyone has installed a boat collar and if so is it worth doing? I’ve got a 4.75 side console that feels a bit ‘tippy’ at rest so I’m considering fitting a collar. Thanks 👍
  8. Yep just sent him a text. Thanks Zoran 👍
  9. Hi I’m after a mobile mechanic for a service. I’m located in neutral bay. Let me know if you can recommend anyone. Thanks!!
  10. Kokomo was awesome. Had a centre console for sports fishing and game boat for marlin. I only went out for 3 half days. I got married there so didn’t want to piss the missus off too much. But yes it’s lots of $$$’s
  11. Went to Kokomo island in Fiji a weeks back and got onto some good fish. Dogtooth was caught on 30lb braid.
  12. Nice one! What bait did you get them on?