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  1. Great post and thanks for taking the time to write it. Stash
  2. I saw this on another video.
  3. thanks for the tip. I am in a 5m Signature with all the open water gear. I am thinking a winch might be a whole lot easier.
  4. This actually looks like a better system than just simply putting a anchor retriever on the anchor rope and trying to catch it when you pull it up. It also allows you to detach from the anchor in emergencies and go back and retrieve it later. My only question is it would be good to have varying lengths of anchor rope for different depths eg inside the harbour vs outside the heads. Stash,
  5. I have parked at Mooney Mooney for a long weekend and had no problems. Lock your trailer to your tow ball. Leave nothing in the car
  6. looking at your rig, you have a running ball sinker - it is that to get the live bait down further?
  7. Stash

    Weather App

    Willy best by far
  8. @shakey55 can you PM me his details.. cheers john
  9. I have sailed through parts of Croatia. It is amazingly clear waters and beautiful old towns. Unfortunately, the Mediterranean has been extensively fished out and there is really little around. Even the fish they showcase at restaurants are a very poor second to Australian equivalent. Also don't expect any Tackleworld or similar type shops stocking the latest Shimano gear, it is more likely a local shop with a few rods and sods. Hope that doesnt dishearten you, as Croatia is really amazing, just not the fishing.
  10. it is like a fake down rigger. You use a rubber band around the line above the swivel, attach a sinker. Rubber band breaks on strike. Either lose the sinker or have it on another lighter line. Cheers Stash
  11. +1 to slow trolling. You simply cover more ground. Make a long leader for the live bait and attach a sinker up near the swivel. Some people use a rubber band to drop the sinker on hookup.
  12. Well done and great that you released her
  13. seriously, though.. an old t-towel is the easiest way to grab flatties.
  14. probably immobilise most of us, Steve lol.