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  1. Got some cunje and crabs at low tide then waited for the sunrise Nothing on the live bait rods and no bonnies on spin pretty slow day Hit option 2 for some groupers or pigs they were definitely around. Multiple bust off's but managed to land a few! Pb grouper 60cm ...always get busted off by anything bigger i reckon.... tons of blackfish swimming around but didnt have the right gear along...managed 3 on my yakka rod with unweighted brown weed
  2. what i find works really good is steal some old stocking from the missus.. then a rock/sinker inside with a pilly or some fresh fish flesh then same deal out on a hand line once it moves wind in slowly and net... the get stuck like anything in the stockings!
  3. Yea mate off the western side of barrenjoey.
  4. G'day Raiders, Back in Sydney for Christmas so decided to visit some of the old haunts .... 2 meter southerly so most ledges were out of the question so paid a visit to a sneaky spot out of the swell off barrenjoey head. Bit of a late start after devouring left over Christmas feast... decided to fish the run out to run in tide. Climbed down to the spot around 3pm, sent out some old squid and a pillie tail then it was time to rustle up some liveys. Water fairly murky after the rain and no yakkas out to play. Slow day, first fish around 5:30pm a legal bream on a pillie strip....desperate
  5. ive got a top recipie for cale haha..... get a rock, pop it in a pot with the cale, stew for a few hours, throw away the cale and eat the rock how do you cook it?
  6. finding the depth is one of the main tricky parts imo... look over at the guys who are catching them and try to see how deep they are setting their drifts. Is your float weighted properly (needs to be neutrally buoyant for sensitivity of strikes) , are you using leader using too thick (6-8lb should work), hook size too big (size 8-12), bait presentation/type, missing strikes use the search for more info there are heaps of pro black fishermen in this forum who have made lengthy posts on the topic!
  7. Just gotta say that's some great photography.... Well done !
  8. good work mate they are awesome fish that go way harder than their size!
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