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  1. Thanks guys got the boat all set up for some serious fishing come this season. Can't wait to get into some beakies Geoff going to darwin in 3 weeks and when i return will be heading port way to try for an early beakie :-)
  2. Sounds like it was pretty tough out there on Friday for alot of people. Not much bait off sydney but sounded promising at the JB kink with a fair bit of bait around and spotted free jumping marlin. Apart from 6 resident seals in botany bay and a pack of dolphins I thought it was going to be another sight seeing day till around 2.30pm on the way back 12km NE of Browns in 22.2C when as I was dosing off from boredom and the mrs asleep in the cabin all hell broke loose with both outriggers breaking off at the same time. Ended up with 2 fat albacore and a first for Sam, couldnt be more proud seeing
  3. Pretty tough mate, all day trolling for a stripey. Heard 2 finn were caught. One in the 25-30kg and the second approx 60. Plenty of boats out with bugger all results. But who knows tomorrow is another day.
  4. Goodluck Gerry, been getting smashed at work no bloody time
  5. How good is that. ANYFIN? The boats name should be more like PLENTY OF FIN :-) Great work guys.
  6. Guys i heard it was off shellharbour not sydney
  7. Gerry, To top it off that was the biggest of the bunch :-( don't worry Gaff Man is being reminded of that trip on a daily basis as the Tuna start to come through. We've decided he has to gaff the first one, not sure if that's a good idea but its the only way we can help raise his self esteem.
  8. Now thats a challenge Ian, we set a challenge today of a 75kg fish. I think I got my work cut out for me :-) but a challenge is a challenge right ? Will see how we go
  9. Trust me I havnt forgotten the fight. Thats right Geoff came straight from the social. You guys fishing it this year?
  10. I'll definately be out in a weeks time hoping to land one on Plan B :-). Had some great success on Anyfin last year 2 from 2 :-) That rush is unbeleivable. Was it this time of year Gerry or later?
  11. Great fish better than the doghnut we got on Saturday :-)
  12. Guys was out there today, pretty quiet a couple were seen towards heatons apparently, a loooong way out. I would save the fuel and wait a little longer. Surprisingly a marlin was caught in 75fthms out of manly. Goodluck to all
  13. Will be out there tomorrow in search. Will keep all informed. Cheers Vic
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