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  1. I don't know this model you refer to, as I don't think its yet available in South Africa. I would however recommend the BG series of Daiwa. Its not only a very good strong model, but it made a huge name in my country. It may also be cheaper than the model you currently consider.
  2. I can support this post. I am repairing reels, for over 20 years in South Africa and always received a very good backup service, from Pure Fishing, South Africa. Not only on the ABU parts, but also the Penn parts.
  3. Very interesting Steve. Possible to post a photo of reel? Fritz
  4. StubberDeut I am a bid late on this post of yours .Did you get your reel sorted ? If not send me a PM with your mail then I can try and make photos how to put your reel correctly back together
  5. Hi I am a bid late on this post ,but was wondering if your reel problem have been solved ? You should also look at the sharp points of the worm .They tend to get damaged and then the pawl will stay stuck in one place .
  6. Bream111 well done mate . I like the part of buying another reel to fix the original reel !!! I service and repair reels/rods for a living in South Africa . I receive many reels in plastic containers , after owners wanted to service their own reel and just could not get it back together . I wish I could charge $100 for a service/repair of a reel . I only get less than $15.00 and then the owners still complain I am to expensive.
  7. Here by us they even steal your stuff behind lock doors and gates . They just brake it open in full day light and no one will lift a finger to stop them.
  8. Sorry to hear about your loss . I understand what you mean by using the boat as a bonding with your son after a divorce . I also used my boat to take my son fishing after me divorce and we could enjoy quality time with each other . Hope you find your boat soon !!!
  9. Very nice report and some very nice fish caught. Glad the boys enjoyed the fishing trip !! They will now be hooked on fishing for live?
  10. Interesting point there . At our cost the officers also only check certain people !!! Then we must have fishing permit with us or else a stiff fine . No excuses accepted here !
  11. Very nice report and some nice fish caught !!!!
  12. Very interesting post . Will also soon try and make me some new floats.Our bream season is starting soon .Then I can go and try them .
  13. Very true words !!! Used my fist Alvey in 1980 very low maintenance reels. Not to fond of the new models with graphite frame as the old stainless model lock was working for me better . Enjoy your new reel

    Tiger Shark

    Wow what a catch !!! Congrats man !!!
  15. Hi any reply from the rep about your broken rod yet ? Okuma after sale service, by us in South Africa not to good.