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  1. I was using 4 kg Mono with 12.5 kg Leader and and light rod and reel combo. FYI they are not Bream they are Trevally.
  2. Today was a good day. I’ve been fishing the last couple of months with fish coming in drips and drabs. The odd Aussie Salmon, Bream, Tailor and Trevally. Enough for a miserly feed and to keep me interested. Today I fished my usual spot in Pittwater and I finally have a score I am happy to report. It was a wet day with plenty of drizzle around but I braved the conditions and I was rewarded. I caught 4 Trevally ranging from 30-37 cm a 32 cm Tailor and an Occy. I also hooked 3 big fish which I lost on light gear. One spat the hook and the other 2 swam under the wharf and that was that.
  3. Try the Warm Water Outlet in the channel
  4. I hit the Northern Beaches on the Pittwater side to fish my usual haunt. I arrived at 2.30 pm and fished until sundown around 5 pm. No wind to speak of and once the burly kicked the fishing started to improve. Fishing with a lighter outfit and 9 kg mono running to a 13 kg leader I caught a 31 cm Trevally, 31 cm Bream and a 37 cm Tailor. All fish fell to Pilchard. At 5 pm after I caught the Tailor I went home leaving the fish still biting.
  5. Caught this odd ball today off a wharf in Pittwater. Someone said it was a stone fish but I’m not 100% sure. Can someone Id it for me. Also caught an occy for dinner. Something for the bbq.
  6. I have to be prepared at that spot I have hooked and lost some big fish on light gear. As a general rule I fish heavy when the water is warm and light when the water is cold.
  7. @Mark, They call me King Gee for a good reason.
  8. Hi Raiders, been a while since I posted so here goes. I went to the northern beaches for a fish in my usual spot. I arrived around 2 pm in the afternoon. It had been raining all day but by the time I started fishing the sun came out and there was no wind to spe ak of. I was fishing with heavy gear 8 kg braid and a 13.5 kg mono leader in case there were any kings around. I was using whole pilchards on gang hooks for bait. The King Fish didn’t show but I landed 3 nice Bream between 28-35 cm. I also caught a healthy size male Blue Swimmer crab that chomped on my shoe narrowly missing m
  9. Another barmy afternoon has produced more fish. I'd like to say i'm sick of posting but the truth is I live and breath this stuff. I arrived at Palm Beach in Pittwater around 3 pm and fished until sunset. I forgot to buy some chook pellets but I did have some tuna oil on me so I drizzled a few drops into the water upon my arrival. Again there was plenty of micro bait in the water which is a promising sign for the oncoming Winter species such as Trevally, Australian Salmon and Tailor. Today I caught my biggest ever Snapper (land based) It measured 35 cm beating my old pb by 1 cm. For what
  10. After the overwhelming response for my last post I am belatedly writing again with more good news. I fished my local haunt at Palm Beach again and like so many times in the past it didn't let me down. I arrived around 4 pm and fished until dark like so many times before. Things started off a little slow and was frustrated to lose a couple of good fish that won their freedom due to underwater structure. There was plenty of micro bait that were busting up due to large fish underneath them but I never once saw a predatory fish break the surface. It was a warm afternoon with no wind. I used my tra
  11. The Ferry Wharf but please keep hush hush. It's a well kept secret don't want the fobs turning up and taking 50-100 undersize fish in a session.
  12. Had a free afternoon to do what I do best. Fishing! I looked at the weather forecast yesterday and it predicted 20+ km per hour winds so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Palm Beach to be greeted by a warm afternoon with hardly a breath of wind. I immediately started burly with chook pellets mixed with tuna oil. There was a lot of micro bait and the conditions looked very fishy. My first cast I caught an under size red. Great start! I arrived at 3.40pm and fished until sundown at 5.48pm. Over the course of the afternoon I lost about 6-7 really good fish that snagged me around the py
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