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  1. I hit the Northern Beaches on the Pittwater side to fish my usual haunt. I arrived at 2.30 pm and fished until sundown around 5 pm. No wind to speak of and once the burly kicked the fishing started to improve. Fishing with a lighter outfit and 9 kg mono running to a 13 kg leader I caught a 31 cm Trevally, 31 cm Bream and a 37 cm Tailor. All fish fell to Pilchard. At 5 pm after I caught the Tailor I went home leaving the fish still biting.
  2. Caught this odd ball today off a wharf in Pittwater. Someone said it was a stone fish but I’m not 100% sure. Can someone Id it for me. Also caught an occy for dinner. Something for the bbq.
  3. I have to be prepared at that spot I have hooked and lost some big fish on light gear. As a general rule I fish heavy when the water is warm and light when the water is cold.
  4. @Mark, They call me King Gee for a good reason.
  5. Hi Raiders, been a while since I posted so here goes. I went to the northern beaches for a fish in my usual spot. I arrived around 2 pm in the afternoon. It had been raining all day but by the time I started fishing the sun came out and there was no wind to spe ak of. I was fishing with heavy gear 8 kg braid and a 13.5 kg mono leader in case there were any kings around. I was using whole pilchards on gang hooks for bait. The King Fish didn’t show but I landed 3 nice Bream between 28-35 cm. I also caught a healthy size male Blue Swimmer crab that chomped on my shoe narrowly missing my toe as I was trying to untangle it from my net. It’s been a while since I have been out but it was well worth the effort. With the state of the world at the moment the fishing session was a good remedy for the social isolation I have been enduring.
  6. Another barmy afternoon has produced more fish. I'd like to say i'm sick of posting but the truth is I live and breath this stuff. I arrived at Palm Beach in Pittwater around 3 pm and fished until sunset. I forgot to buy some chook pellets but I did have some tuna oil on me so I drizzled a few drops into the water upon my arrival. Again there was plenty of micro bait in the water which is a promising sign for the oncoming Winter species such as Trevally, Australian Salmon and Tailor. Today I caught my biggest ever Snapper (land based) It measured 35 cm beating my old pb by 1 cm. For what it's worth it's a small up[grade. I also caught 2 Trevally. The bigger one was 37 cm and the smaller one was 32 cm. Best of all I caught a 49 cm Flathead. I can't wait to cook it up in some beer batter. I have been doing this recently with a serve of homemade chips and a side of Tarte Sauce. In my opinion fish doesn't get much better than this. Right at the end of the day a man pulled up to the wharf with his boat he offered me 3/4 of a bag of 1 kg Pilchards. I didn't hessitate to accept. He said "the reason I am giving them away is because I fish with lures." After wishing me good luck he drove off. I now have a considerable amount of Pilchards in the freezer for next time. I used only about half of my own 2 kg bag so I have plenty of amo in my arsenal for next time. I hope that my next report will be as productive as my last few. On another note I have been catching some decent Reds in Pittwater lately. I went out a few days ago and caught 2 Pinkies around the 30 cm mark, however I didn't report this in Fish Raider. This is a good omen for me because it means the size and bags limits must be working. In the last 3 weeks I have caught at least 5 legal Reds. Is this a sign things are improving in our Estuaries? I am keen to hear peoples opinion on this. Until next time tight lines.
  7. After the overwhelming response for my last post I am belatedly writing again with more good news. I fished my local haunt at Palm Beach again and like so many times in the past it didn't let me down. I arrived around 4 pm and fished until dark like so many times before. Things started off a little slow and was frustrated to lose a couple of good fish that won their freedom due to underwater structure. There was plenty of micro bait that were busting up due to large fish underneath them but I never once saw a predatory fish break the surface. It was a warm afternoon with no wind. I used my traditional rig with 3 hooks that is ideal for whole Pilchards. Today was a first for me because I landed a fish I have never caught before. A Spangled Emperor. For a fish that is known to inhabit warmer waters up north it was indeed a surprise catch. I have fished my whole life in Sydney and never caught one before, although around 4 years ago, fishing with an old friend Michael Kim, he caught a much smaller Spangly from the same spot. His was only around the 25 cm mark and he decided to let his specimen go back. For the hype about the Spangled Emperor's fighting ability it certainly lived up to its reputation. It went like a train on light gear. Once I got it on the wharf I was overjoyed. I had just done the unthinkable! This amazing fish went 39 cm and in the water I mistook it for a big Bream although once landed it I realised it was something much more extraordinary. Over the duration of the rest of this expedition I landed a 34 cm Trevally and a 47 cm Flathead. The Flathead was caught right before I was about to leave at around 5.40 pm. There was a Father who rocked up with his two kids just before I caught the Flathead, so I was entertained to some running commentary. One of the kids said "It kind of looks like a Shark!" To which I replied "Everyone thinks it kind of looks like something." I then said "Last time I was here, there was a kid who was just like you who said the Flathead I caught looked like an eel." The Trevally was also an unusual catch as it has been a couple of months since my last Trevally. I very rarely catch them during the warmer months land based and I have probably only caught 2 in the last four months land based in Pittwater. Once the water cools down over the Winter months I anticipate the Trevally will become a lot more frequently encountered. But for now I will be feasting on some fine seafood caught from some of the most clean and bountiful waters in Sydney.
  8. The Ferry Wharf but please keep hush hush. It's a well kept secret don't want the fobs turning up and taking 50-100 undersize fish in a session.
  9. Had a free afternoon to do what I do best. Fishing! I looked at the weather forecast yesterday and it predicted 20+ km per hour winds so I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Palm Beach to be greeted by a warm afternoon with hardly a breath of wind. I immediately started burly with chook pellets mixed with tuna oil. There was a lot of micro bait and the conditions looked very fishy. My first cast I caught an under size red. Great start! I arrived at 3.40pm and fished until sundown at 5.48pm. Over the course of the afternoon I lost about 6-7 really good fish that snagged me around the pylons. I was fishing with whole Pilchards on size 3/0 gang hooks. I was using 16 kg leader and 4 kg main line. I lost countless rigs over the afternoon and went through quite a few hooks. I also got sharked at least once. For my perseverance I was rewarded with a 59 cm Flathead. This was my first legal fish of the day. I also landed 2 Snapper that were 31 and 34 cm respectively. I cant remember any other calm water land based fishing session where I have landed 2 legal Reds myself. I have done it before deep sea fishing and there was a session a few years ago with my brother where we each landed 1 legal Red but anyone who knows Sydney inshore waters knows legal Reds are hard to come by. There must have been lots of them out there today and I am sure I lost a few bigger ones. The head shakes are a dead giveaway. Right at the end of the day I landed a 32 cm Tailor. This was the icing on the cake. About 4.30 pm a photographer rocked up with a half naked Asian model in a bikini. I said to the photographer "you have the best job in the world." They both laughed and started to do a photo shoot together. After about 15 minutes of racy photos they waved good bye and left. It was certainly an exceptional day for more reasons than one reason.
  10. If you want to reduce the amount of snags you can try fishing from the beach instead of the ferry wharf. The other thing u can do is fish without a sinker. Also if you cast to the right hand side of the Jetty you wont get snagged as much. All that is out there is weed.
  11. Good question Archilles. I hooked a rat at Palm Beach that followed up my bait as I was winding it in. This was about two weeks ago. I got a glimpse of it and it was definitely a King. It woke up and went for a big run my nylon was frayed at the time (since been upgraded) and it made a mockery of my 5 kg mono. No doubt there will be more in the coming months but this encounter so early in the year alludes to a very promising Summer for Pelagic species.
  12. The Ferry wharf. Officially you're not allowed to fish there but many people do. If you go there I'd advise you to fish there after the ferries stop boarding at 6.30 pm. I've never got into trouble except for a few ferry employees saying you're not allowed to fish off this wharf. I feel nonchalant when I hear this because it is a great fishing spot. Always hookup something decent and there's so much variety. I've lost some massive fish there over the years. Some I see most I don't. The really big smart ones swim straight for the pylons and its see you later.
  13. Hi Raiders it has been a while since my last post. I have been fishing regularly over the last few months with good results. My faithful haunts around Pittwater have yielded a solid amount of fish. I arrived at Palm Beach at 4.30 pm yesterday. It was overcast but the wind was light and the tide was almost at dead low. Just before a brief shower had me running for cover I landed a 41 cm Tailor. I was using a light outfit with a heavy line and leader because at this spot there are some big big fish you need to bully before the snag you on submerged objects. Even with a heavy line and leader big bream, Trevally and Kingfish test the tackle and skill of even the best anglers. I fished with a small ball sinker with a swivel running off a 13.5 kg, 50 cm mono leader with 3 3/0 suicide gang hooks on a snell rig spaced 1 cm apart. The bait I used was Pilchard. It seems almost every type of fish in Pittwater eats these. Soon after the rain stopped I was back at it. I caught a 35 cm Trevally. Just before 7.30 pm I landed a 53 cm Flathead. With the other two fish from earlier it was released the Flathead to grow bigger. Live and let live. I also caught a couple of undersized Reds that weren't too far off legal. Great fun on my light rod. The head shakes were continual for the whole fight. After I released the Flathead it was time to go. It was starting to get dark. The fishing usually shuts down after nightfall sets in. Most of the time. I ate the Tailor today for lunch. It was cooked on the BBQ wrapped in foil with Garlic, Salt, Pepper and Chilli Paste. If the last couple of months is anything to go by we should be in for a great Summer of fishing.