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  1. MOE^MOE

    Harbor kings

    I just fished wer the navy ship is near the drum
  2. MOE^MOE

    Harbor kings

    Boat one king was 75 other 85
  3. MOE^MOE

    Harbor kings

    Just a quick report hit the harbor yesterday in the afternoon caught a couple of kings on the light gear and got smoked on 50ib but good start to the season the are a few big bream and flattys around can't put photo up don't no how to do it of my fone
  4. MOE^MOE

    Need help with squid fishing tactic

    Mate go to rosebay wharf I'm sure you will get some I took a beginner squidder with me and he got 8 of them he was happy
  5. MOE^MOE

    Woy Woy land based 01/10/2011

    Blood worms mate
  6. MOE^MOE

    Botany Bay

    Some nice whitting mate they will be there in big numbers when the water temps warm up seen a few nice ones caught at palm beach
  7. MOE^MOE

    Woy Woy land based 01/10/2011

    Near the seafood shop
  8. MOE^MOE

    Hacking Fishing

    Nice catch mate was out on the boat Monday couldn't get any decent bream at the hacking but but busted of on something and managed a good size whiting and some squid
  9. MOE^MOE

    Stanwell Park Beach

    iv caught a couple of good size jews but i have done the hours there to get them
  10. MOE^MOE

    Jewfish Help

    i dnt pierce the meat that deep on the boat you dont need to cast it so you chances of losing the arnt great at all but land based i only use the 1 hook rig
  11. MOE^MOE

    4bs 22/4/12

    thats some nice blackfish and bream there mate i been getting a few big blackfish at the hacking on unwieghted bread on really light gear there really good fight
  12. MOE^MOE

    rod building

    thanks for the replies guy i got a older mate teaching me about rod building but in my spare time wouldn't mind reading about it
  13. MOE^MOE

    Great land based weekend

    great report mate congratulation on your pb bream
  14. MOE^MOE

    No more squid! :(

    i have been getting the at the heads on the boat but landbased has been quiet for me anyway
  15. MOE^MOE

    Jewfish Help

    i personally like using 2 hook snelled rig for my livies i put a hook thru the nose and one just behind the neck just a personal thing not to say 1 hook isnt enough