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  1. pure spirit

    fish finder advice

    Hi Guys Looking for advice on which fish finder gps etc to get looking to upgrade from a lowrance 5inch I've had for about 6-7 year now think its an elite. got a budget of about $1200-1500. Will be rear mounted on a 6m quinny if that make a difference to recommendations. Do a wide range of fishing ( from inside, out side reefs, to game fishing and wide to browns) would like something that can reach deep when at browns - don't need to id fish at that depth but would like to get depth reading etc. But my main thing would be fish id in 20-50m in locations like long reef etc Simple to use is good cause I know I will not read the instructions !! thanks in advanced.
  2. pure spirit

    Tips to sell my boat

    Looking to sell my boat and after feedback on best way to do it I.e boat point , boat sale, eBay , gum tree etc. no in a huge rush ( but at risk of being a two boat family) but just don't want to get mucked around by time wasters
  3. pure spirit

    Hair tail report

    Hi all just a quick HT update fished Waratah last night, based on past experience I'd say they are not there in large numbers yet picked up one small one about 80cm at about 8pm and another one about 1.4 at about 5am. Both caught on slimmy mak fillets. Had slimiest, pillies and live yakka and fillets out, lives got smashed by squid ( but they would not take jigs) but did manage a small Jew ( which was released) and a good sized tailor 52cm which naturally took the lightest rod and ran laps around the other two lines before I could get to it. Spoke to a guy on a houseboat ( 3 in the bay last night) and he didn't get a touch all night another hb got 1 I think and I don't think the other hb got anything or much Best of luck
  4. pure spirit

    Electric fishing reels

    Sorry forgot my main point factor in the purchase of good braid, if you use cheap braid the stretch will make it hard to detect your hook ups plus always carry a spare roll just in case you have a bust off and have to re-spool.
  5. pure spirit

    Electric fishing reels

    I use bricks as dropper, not the best but quick and easy just drill a ring into them with a 20lb breakaway line to the rig. Mucked around with gal pipe filled with cement, grinder to a cone on the bottom and welded on a couple of fins to help them drop straight. I didn't get out this winter but but love the science and tactics behind the style of fishing
  6. pure spirit

    Water pump problem

    just gave it a bit of time (few runs of 30 seconds) with the muffs and it came good. just had me worried as it normally starts straight up. now I'm on to the next problem my steering has frozen up, but think i'll be right with this just ran out of day light.. thanks for all your suggestions
  7. pure spirit

    Water pump problem

    Hi all looking for a few ideas / fixes Have not had the boat in the water for about 6 month (big reno at my place) when i last cleaned it down i did a normal flush etc to be honest i didn't expect it to be so long between trips. Got it out today to prepare to head out tomorrow, change the gear oil and throught i'd give it a quick run with ear muffs to make sure i started up fine rather than stuff around on the ramp etc etc. Kicked over pretty much straight way, but the water flow was only a fine spray. Stopped the engine removed the spray cap from the hose and clear a bit of white / clear buildup, ran the engine again ran solid of a moment then stopped. went to clear it again but nothing to clear. it would seem i have salt / cal buildup. Have tried it in a deep tub as well as muffs, only for a short moment 10-20 sec as i don't want to risk a over heat. Any suggestions ? before i go down the put a new pump in option / loss the day on the water i was hoping to have this week it's a yamaha 90 2 stroke
  8. pure spirit

    Hairtail are they still about

    thanks guys think i'll still give it a go in WB any suggestions for a plan B
  9. pure spirit

    Hairtail are they still about

    Know the talk has slowed down about hairtail... but has anyone had a go in the last week or two.
  10. pure spirit

    trailer rego

    Got trailer rego coming up and I have a small problem with my trailer lights.. not sure what you call them but my "side marker" light on the wheel arch on one side are not working. The unit is dead so I need to replace it can I just put on a reflector or does it have to be a light ?? my trailer is a bit over 6m long if that makes any difference..
  11. pure spirit


    nice work.. any problems with sharks or seals ?? How was the current ?
  12. pure spirit

    oxley river NP

    Can anyone help me with information about fishing Oxley River NP, I have a well setup 4wd and understand that I need to contact NP's for keys for some areas
  13. pure spirit

    Long reef kings/Bonny sesh

    if that's your boat in your ID pic you'd be looking at Roseville if you live on the north side.either that or a crew that really know their SH&t failing that some good insurance and a need for cash !
  14. pure spirit

    Oxley River NP

    Hi All Was just looking at a few maps trying to find a spot to do a bit of fishing and 4wd and came across OXley wild river NP. Anyone have any experience up that way, I see that theres a "locked gate" section but seem simple to get the key from NP, have a well setup 4WD that can go (and get out) of most places. Guess I'm just look to explore somewhere different ... open to suggestions within a days drive from SYD, keen to mix in some 4wding and my boats not suitable for inland work so it needs to be from the bank. And I'm happy to hike in.
  15. pure spirit

    kingfish sashimi

    Mate what your doing will be fine, just give the fish a bit of a visual inspection as well.. not that i've ever had a problem with salt water fish down this way (but I don't fish west of the bridge either !!) but a few years ago was doing a long distance trek in the upper Katherine area (NT) and because i was out for over a week and covering a lot of K's i was largely living off the land in one area I had no luck with the barra so had to resort to grunter not good a the best of times (tough and bonie) but this time found dozens of little pink worms under it's skin .. had some very boring backup noodles for dinner that night. One thing that people don't consider is how clean their cutting board is as well... both on your boat, at the ramp and at home this can be a big hazard.