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  1. Farout Mike, that's a monster!!! So what were u 2 really doing in the cabin? Lol And don't you mean "thanks Pete for putting ME onto the really really big ones" think that's a 84cm and 80cm now. I'd happily take 3 weeks off to get an 80 hehe.
  2. yep, there is only one true snapper king, he knows who he is, his nick starts with D and ends in n.
  3. Nice going Chewie! some awesome reds there mate! which colour jerk shad did most of the damage? can't wait to get stuck into them myself.
  4. Marty! Well done on the squid mate! the first few are always the hardest, once you gain some confidence, it's like the squid are attracted to it or something, and that's when they just start jumping into the bait tank . That's a shame about the king, spooled on a Sphereos 10000, now that would have been quite a decent size! If you ever find yourself in that situation again, stay calm and palm the spool, better the king try and bust you off, than it taking all your line and who knows, it might even stop. The kings are starting to show up in big numbers now, and will probably be here for another month or so. You better get back out there quick and give them kings some payback! hehe. Let me know next time you're up this way, I'll try and save you a spot on the boat and hopefully put you onto a king or 2. Take care bud!
  5. That's awesome! congrats to you and your son! Can't wait to take my son out for a kingy session hehe
  6. Congrats again buddy! Maybe next time I'll follow you out wide instead of being so hung up on trying to getting big kings! =) Well said mate! My family was one of those 7 families that had some of that marlin. I was there when Tony was sharing the fish, and I kid you not, every single bit was shared around, not a bit went to waste.
  7. and so you did tell me too! great call! I did a half arse attempt in game fishing last week, put 2 skirts out and man! so hard out of a small boat, and even tougher being solo LOL. but managed a few kings, so that was ok. so marlin or the salmon? which one is worse? yeah saw that apache listed, awesome looking boat! first I need to sell my one and then convince the mrs that 60K+ for a boat is worth it ehhe
  8. very true! yes having waves bounce you around from both sides when downrigging those cliffs gets a bit hairy at times hehe
  9. I've got a mate who has a 480 poly brumby who would be delighted to hear that a poly of that size can handle it out wide. yeah the last time I was out for dollies at the fad, was just throwing plastics, but will give the livies on the downrigger a more serious go next time.
  10. Mate! well done, congrats to you both! great read as well. do they really taste like sh1t?
  11. Nice going Chewie! that's an awesome dollie! How big is your poly? Just a quick question, how were you fishing the livie? slow troll?
  12. nice going Penguin! that cuttle is massive! So you're teling us the green jigs worked the magic that session?
  13. The squid king strikes again! awesome haul Basil! Some of them are huge! I'll take calamari over dollies any day hehe.
  14. thought that was you mate! I was on the hobie outback flicking for flatties around the same area. Was a slow morning, only managed 2 myself.
  15. well done mate! was out around the same area as you earlier this week, water temp was a low 19. Heaps of fish showing on the sounder but for some reason they didn't want to play, put it down to the temp, what do you reckon?
  16. living the dream Bas! awesome stuff and great pics!
  17. Cheers guys, was going to send u pm Nick but knew you would probably see this and reply =)
  18. Hi, I've been looking at upgrading to a BC 610C, just wondering if anyone can share their thoughts or experience with a 115 suzuki 4 stroke (or any 115) on the back? would it be under powered? Definitely plan to do some offshoring in it. thanks
  19. Lol, what the? U lucky bastard! Smashing them kings and now a 5kg red. Nice buddy! Think that trip back to the south is long overdue. And nice cap Btw. Hehe
  20. Great report and awesome fish mate! You'll always remember that first hoodie =)
  21. Nice one buddy! Took the kayaks out with a bunch of mates late yesterday and landed 15 flatties between us. Dropped a few big ones as well. Good to see the bay starting to fire up, hopefully the bigger kings will follow suit. P.S. Go the quintrex!!! Hehe
  22. mate! that's a massive whiting, more like a shoulder slapper hehe hope to see you out in the bay soon mate.
  23. Don't want to sound like a know it all but use your go pro to take video as normal then change it to photo mode to take photos (now you might be saying, who clicks the shutter button when you're out solo right? ) Put it in photo mode and time lapse it to say every 2-3 seconds (so what this means, is that it will take a photo every 2-3 seconds until you go and turn it off), so just stand in front of the go pro, do 101 poses with it for 30 seconds, and you'll have at approx 60 photos to choose from when you get home, and hopefully a few doesn't have your head or fish cut out LOL.
  24. WOOHOO! congrats mate! with the new reel? and wtf is with that hat?!?!?! LOL
  25. that was a great read mate, sorry to hear about the phone, but even sorrier to hear that the king was just short of legal. =) hehe but it seems like you're willing to put in the effort, and you'll be rewarded sooner or later.