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  1. Fishlessmick

    TCD - A few questions

    Ive Only caught one fish on fly at TCD, it was a snail fly. The few fish ive kept were full of small aquatic snails. Hope this helps. Cheersw Mick
  2. Fishlessmick


    Hi guys, How was the water level ? myself and a mate have been there twice in the past 6 weeks where the water level had dropped about 1m in between trips. cheers Mick
  3. Fishlessmick

    Thompsons Creek Dam, How To Get There?

    Thanks Jim, mate that will do me, i thought 7 klm's sounded a little exaggerated . once again thanks for the help. cheers Mick
  4. Hi all, would someone be able to tell me which road the car park to the dam is on, and how long the walk down to the dam is? Ive read everything from 1klm-15min to the ridiculously long 7klm-1hr. Any info would be appreciated. cheers Mick
  5. Fishlessmick

    Time Waster

    this one should bring back some happy childhood memories. ants cheers Mick
  6. Fishlessmick

    Which Raider Is The Smartest........

    Whats doing, press start and get this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Error Occurred While Processing Request Element RECORDCOUNT is undefined in QNS. The error occurred in /home/trivia/www/private/play.cfm: line 193 191 : <cfinclude template="/private/qns.cfm"> 192 : 193 : <cfif qns.recordcount lt 10> 194 : ERROR: no questions could be found.<p> 195 : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Referrer Date/Time 02-Aug-06 05:56 AM cheers Mick
  7. Fishlessmick

    Modern Fishing "fisheye Hot Shots Comp

    Thanks Guys, the pic was of a Bass caught in a small lagoon on the central coast, it's not the biggest bass iv'e ever caught but it turned out an ok pic If you look close you can see me in my yak in the eye of the bass. cheers Mick
  8. WooooHoooooo, I was reading Modern fishing a few months ago and thought i might submit a photo. well a couple of months later and having forgot i had sent a shot in, so you could imagine my surprise when flicking through the August Modern Fishing and there is the winning photo, my photo But to top things off I win a Tiagra 12! Not sure how it will cast surface lures for bass but im sure i will find a place for it. A Big thanks to Modern fishing mag for the prize, and i will have to take up the subscription offer for Fishraiders now. cheers Mick
  9. Fishlessmick

    Character Names

    My other half "fishless" Donna thinks im stupid for not answering the others! so its over to her #23 is Close Encounters #14 is American Beauty # 17 is 9 to 5 cheers Donna
  10. Fishlessmick

    Character Names

    #19 Pretty Woman --- #8 Blue Velvet --- #2 Charlies Angels --- #15 "Are you talkin too me" Taxi Driver.
  11. Fishlessmick

    Character Names

    #21, Ghost --- #9 Memento ---- #6Runaway Bride
  12. Fishlessmick

    Mangrove Jacks In Sydney?

    My ex father inlaw had photos and told me stories of things like jacks, giant herring, Gt's , big eyes, and such comming out of various "goons" in the greater sydney area. As long as they have some fresh sea water flowing into them every now and then you just never know. cheers Mick
  13. Fishlessmick

    Mangrove Jacks In Sydney?

    Try this Goon Jacks But from memory with the big fish kill and word getting about about the jacks ,they took a beating . But that is not the only place you could encounter jacks in sydney and surrounding areas, but finding out where they are is another thing Cheers Mick
  14. Fishlessmick

    Which Raider Is The Smartest........

  15. Fishlessmick

    F#*king Low Life Stole My Car

    Thanks for the support guys, With over 25 years of roaming the country side chasing bass,this is the first time anything like this has happened . Jethro i only got 2 around 30-35 before it started raining. cheers Mick