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  1. budzsta

    Port Hacking

    Did you mean the pillies were jumping around you or Tailor? Also awesome stuff!
  2. budzsta

    Shimano biomaster 4000 swxg any reviews

    I actually e-mailed Alan when I saw the biomaster go up on a sale/trade page. He said and I quote: "The Biomaster is a quality high speed reel, but I'd look into the Saragos SW 8000 which is heavier yet tougher oscillation, has a more capable twin drag and is fully sealed. If you don't need the speed, then look into a spheros which is in practice a Saragosa, only with a less capable drag." So whatever that means. I need a good rock spin outfit, but I also need money and a house. So seems like I am up s* creek without a paddle.
  3. budzsta

    Sydney East FAD 18/02

    What's the best way to cook dollies? I probably should just do a search, but more curious on how YOU cooked this Mahi! Haha, awesome post none the less!
  4. budzsta

    Partner for Harbour rockfishing

    How did you go>?
  5. budzsta

    Terrigal Fad

    How did you go??
  6. budzsta

    Port Hacking

    Awesome report... I need to invest more time into fishing the hacking I think. I'm boatless though but never really gave the hacking a chance way back when I fished the wharves way back when I was in my teens
  7. budzsta

    Squid spot eastern suburbs

    Hi Andrea, Again, I am still a beginner fisho, and the photo that I have included here I have NEVER fished before. This is just what I do when I am meant to be working, I look for places that seem like they have things in the water and that I will be able to get to. If you see the picture that I have included below, I have circled what I think are sandy bottoms, structure and kelp/weed beds. The only thing you can't see is if there is lights there at night. But this is where I probably would try for squid, bream maybe even luderick. I don't know, never been there but just based on that image. A thing to be careful of is that this is a photo, so it is at one point in the tide, it is often hard to tell if it is high tide or low tide by google images, so again, the best thing that I can suggest is just go check it out. If you are like me and only get one day off a week, then usually you try not to go to new spots because there is uncertainty around what you may or may not catch, so on my day off (sunday) I try to get to spots I have some idea will hold fish (depending on conditions). When I was on holidays though, I would go exploring fishing spots all up and down the coast. PS. because I used PAINT to produce this image the resolution is POOR, which means what ive circled as ROCKS, looks like sandy sections. Find it on google maps (satellite mode) and then see if you can spot the rocks yourself.
  8. budzsta

    Sick of let downs, need help

    If you're still keen we can go for a fish. youll need rock cleats or rock boots as a lot of the time I fish from the rocks. Im not an expert and I mainly target bream and drummer, I've had more bad days than good days but things are starting to be more positive. today I managed 6 undersized kings on soft plastics. Good fun but none big enough
  9. budzsta

    Squid spot eastern suburbs

    Hey mate, there are a few tricks, first, look for places that have a fair amount of artificial light at night. I personally find squid at night much easier than during the day, not sure why. Secondly, you want to find places that have kelp beds, you can find these on google earth. finally, walk around the wharves and rocks pools and other walk ways and look for ink marks. If you don't know what they look like, walk down pier 2 and they're everywhere.
  10. budzsta

    Few blackies in the east

    Awesome result! I was at the Rugby 7s all weekend, it's a weird feeling heading into work on monday when you haven't been for a fish the previous weekend :(.
  11. Thanks for taking me out mate. I was so annoyed when you got a double hookup and I was struggling to get downs as always, I never freeze fresh fish. Filleted, and chilled in a lunch box container before being prepped in a Thai style sauce. Always winning brownie points with the gf and her family. Will
  12. budzsta

    Pier 2 Sydney

    Could I get this also?
  13. budzsta

    Eastern suburbs rock sesh

    Thanks man. how have you been going off the rocks? 1m king this season yet?
  14. budzsta

    Eastern suburbs rock sesh

    Thanks Nathan, Promised Royce I would cook these immediately.