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  1. Just curious if you use the standard paternoster rig or a running ball to swivel to hook? ive fished a few times of wanda and generally hate beach fishing but at times it’s the only option to wet a line when it’s too dangerous for the rocks.
  2. Very awesome! nice feed also! Do you ever keep the tailor?
  3. Hey Fellas, havent been around in a long long time! Been looking after some youngins! just wondering if anyone has fished the beaches around bonna point with any luck? Dont really mind what there is. hope everyone’s had a great start to the year! here is a flattie caught down south near Bents basin last week.
  4. Did you mean the pillies were jumping around you or Tailor? Also awesome stuff!
  5. I actually e-mailed Alan when I saw the biomaster go up on a sale/trade page. He said and I quote: "The Biomaster is a quality high speed reel, but I'd look into the Saragos SW 8000 which is heavier yet tougher oscillation, has a more capable twin drag and is fully sealed. If you don't need the speed, then look into a spheros which is in practice a Saragosa, only with a less capable drag." So whatever that means. I need a good rock spin outfit, but I also need money and a house. So seems like I am up s* creek without a paddle.
  6. What's the best way to cook dollies? I probably should just do a search, but more curious on how YOU cooked this Mahi! Haha, awesome post none the less!
  7. Awesome report... I need to invest more time into fishing the hacking I think. I'm boatless though but never really gave the hacking a chance way back when I fished the wharves way back when I was in my teens
  8. Hi Andrea, Again, I am still a beginner fisho, and the photo that I have included here I have NEVER fished before. This is just what I do when I am meant to be working, I look for places that seem like they have things in the water and that I will be able to get to. If you see the picture that I have included below, I have circled what I think are sandy bottoms, structure and kelp/weed beds. The only thing you can't see is if there is lights there at night. But this is where I probably would try for squid, bream maybe even luderick. I don't know, never been there but just based
  9. If you're still keen we can go for a fish. youll need rock cleats or rock boots as a lot of the time I fish from the rocks. Im not an expert and I mainly target bream and drummer, I've had more bad days than good days but things are starting to be more positive. today I managed 6 undersized kings on soft plastics. Good fun but none big enough
  10. Hey mate, there are a few tricks, first, look for places that have a fair amount of artificial light at night. I personally find squid at night much easier than during the day, not sure why. Secondly, you want to find places that have kelp beds, you can find these on google earth. finally, walk around the wharves and rocks pools and other walk ways and look for ink marks. If you don't know what they look like, walk down pier 2 and they're everywhere.
  11. Awesome result! I was at the Rugby 7s all weekend, it's a weird feeling heading into work on monday when you haven't been for a fish the previous weekend :(.
  12. Thanks for taking me out mate. I was so annoyed when you got a double hookup and I was struggling to get downs as always, I never freeze fresh fish. Filleted, and chilled in a lunch box container before being prepped in a Thai style sauce. Always winning brownie points with the gf and her family. Will
  13. Thanks man. how have you been going off the rocks? 1m king this season yet?
  14. Thanks Nathan, Promised Royce I would cook these immediately.
  15. I haven't been out with Royce and Trevor in a long time, Trevor's mates Josè and Romeo joined us for the first hour but left after some bad meat pies weren't sitting well in the stomach... Persistance paid off, had to work real hard, took about 4-5 drifts before the first downs began. Of course Royce got the first fish on the ledge. With a lot of patience, fished from about daybreak till 11 to get a decent bag between 4 of us. Lost about 6 fish in the process Back for beers before 1. So keen for some baked blackfish! Budz
  16. Hey Raiders. Been a long time since I posted a report. Over Christmas my gf's uncle invited me out on his boat to hit Brisbane waters. The conditions were terrible. 22 km/h SE winds, forecasted for rain. I slipped getting into the boat at 5:30 am. The day could not have started off worst. We lost an anchor while were trying to catch some yakkas and with the wind and tide running in, overall was a pretty terrible morning. we decided to simply do some drifts through paddys channel using some chicken gut and had ganged pillies on the bottom for crabs or flatties. we manag
  17. Thanks Swordie! We are thinking of Stockton breakwall on the beach side. a couple of us will live bait yakkas whilst the other two go for bream with prawns or pillies in a bread burley trail. I stupidly left all my lures at home, would it be worth stopping by A tackle shop for some metal slices to chase tailor or whatever else is around?
  18. Hey Raiders! Im up in Newcastle for a few days. I've met up with my dad and uncle from Fiji. They want to go fishing while here, tomorrow we are doing a wine tour which leaves the following few days Any help on where 4 blokes could head would be greatly appreciated! I'll get their licences tonight. I'm either thinking Swansea sand flats for whiting with peeled prawns, Nelson bay breakwall or Stockton breakwall. Stockton is the closest, 25 minutes drive. Ill of course repay any advice with some help on the northern rocks Cheers
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