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  1. dont keep them with other plastics or put them in another tackle box (unless they are the z-mannboxes)
  2. i would love that mate! it could be a good excuse to come up to the goldy for a fish for a few days!
  3. this is so cool dude honestly, you have inspired me to not give up on saltwater fly hahah
  4. yeah mate hope island, you around the area?
  5. i wish the seaway often but seriously its so hard to catch fish there. I have ever only caught tailor spinning with metals
  6. very imaginative name hahaha. Fishin seems better your way than mine at the moment
  7. mate you are doing so much better than me. I have been putting fly in front of bream and mainly longtom, they take the fly sometimes but i cant set the hook because they dont bite hard enough. The bream are even more frustrating, they just look at it. those are some awesome catches mate tremendous job
  8. awesome report Dave, that water looks drink worthy (if i didnt see those catties come out lol).
  9. nice mate thanks for that info. Cheers, Stan
  10. those 2 bass are monsters! catch of the month for sure!
  11. Hey Raiders, GC weather has been terrible lately, if its not the torrential rain, its the wind (which still hasn't calmed down). There was a window where the wind was down to reasonable conditions so hit my pontoon and the beach at the end of street. Pontoon is currently holding small jacks, moses, big bream and the odd cod. Beach is absolutely plagued with yellowtail barracuda right. Every cast was one of these things or tiny bream. Really hoping the warmer weather sticks around, a couple of blokes have caught small queenies and some really big red dogs. Enjoy the pics Raiders,
  12. Bought the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
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