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  1. Bass assassin

    Bathurst fishing tips.

    It sure is a shame, we definitely need a good drop! I’ll keep at it though. Even though no fish, we did have a good weekend away from Sydney.
  2. Bass assassin

    Bathurst fishing tips.

    No good, Frank. Stopped at Flat rock camp ground on my way out. Spoke to a bloke who was leaving, he said he’d been there for a few days and got some good fish, all on fly. I fished with plastics and didn’t get a touch. I then drove to the place you told me about. I think I found it, but there was hardly any water there and it looked tough going to even get to the water line on the northern side of the road. Drove back into Bathurst and stopped at a shop for some advice. Got given a few spots but all I saw was Carp. It hasn’t deterred me from trying for Trout, I’ll put in some more research and see what I come up with. Wentworth Falls lake and Lyell are my fall backs.
  3. Bass assassin

    Bathurst fishing tips.

    I’m actually heading up this weekend. So if anyone has any more advice, feel free to throw it my way.
  4. Bass assassin

    Bathurst fishing tips.

    Cheers Frank! That sounds like an option, I’ll have a look at that for sure.
  5. Bass assassin

    Bathurst fishing tips.

    G’day gang. Thinking of taking a drive out to Bathurst soon, not so much to fish, more for a day road trip, but I will have a rod and a box of lures with me. With limited time, I won’t be able to explore much area, but I have looked at the water where the highway goes over the river, just coming into Bathurst, on my way to the V8’s, and it looks like it could hold some fish. Any locals willing to throw me a few options or a little knowledge, I’d appreciate it immensely! Cheers, Adam.
  6. Bass assassin

    Bonito off the stones

    The search continues....
  7. Bass assassin

    Bonito off the stones

    Dropping a fish is better than snapping a rod! I’m still gutted....
  8. Bass assassin

    Fly casting lessons/help

    I’ll definitely check out John Wilson, I’ll have a look online for some vids. I have one of Lefty Kreh’s dvds at home, I’ll have to re-watch that also. I was actually trying some side casting the other day, felt really awkward, but I’ll stick with it. Watching videos is a good start, but I’d really like someone to actually watch me and tell me my problems and show me how to fix them. The rod I’m using is a 6w Penn XDS. I also have another (cheap fly kit) rod, but that just feels like a wet noodle. Thanks for the tips mate, much appreciated!!
  9. Bass assassin

    Fly casting lessons/help

    G’day guys. I’ve taken the long wand out the past couple of sessions and I’m getting addicted! Getting my PB Estuary Perch (40cm fork) last Sat morning on fly, and on a homemade popper, really got the bug to bite. Is there anyone in the Cronulla area that could help me out with a few lessons, or just help with some bad habits that I’ve probably learnt by teaching myself? I can throw line ok, but I think I do need some pointers to help me get better. Being in the kayak, sitting so low in the water doesn’t help too much either....If anyone is willing to help me out, feel free to get in touch! Heres a pic of my PB, and the popper that tempted her to bite! Cheers, Adam.
  10. Bass assassin

    Looking for a fishing mate

    No probs mate. ?
  11. Bass assassin

    Looking for a fishing mate

    Hey man. Do you have a kayak? I’m probably gonna head out on Sat morn chasing Bream in Port Hacking. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. Cheers, Adam.
  12. Bass assassin

    Sydney drains

    There's one little drain that I've fished that always seems to produce. I think I've told you about it, kinda close to us. If you ask nicely I'll take you there one day! Haha
  13. Bass assassin

    Wading the Flats - Gunnamatta Bay, Port Hacking.

    Hi mate. Yes, before I got the yak I used to wade up there all the time. Either on the weedbeds or fishing into the drop off. I've caught Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Flounder, Trevally and even rat Kingfish up there.
  14. Bass assassin

    Wading the Flats - Gunnamatta Bay, Port Hacking.

    Good stuff Joel! I've been up there a couple times lately in the inflatable yak. I got a Solid Whiting last Tuesday in the rain. The Monday before I headed up in the morning, got smashed by some big Bream but failed to get hook ups. I also lost my brand new Tonic sunnies overboard, so if anyone finds them in the weed, let me know...haha!
  15. Bass assassin

    kurnell boat ramp

    I saw a few pic the other day, looks like there's a lot of sand on the ramp, and the wharf has broken away and washed up down the beach.