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  1. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Perfect, I'll be there, looking forward to meeting a few fellow Raiders!. Thanks for making this happen Luke! steve
  2. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    8th July works for me!
  3. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Not sure how soon this will happen but I can't make it on Sunday July 1st as I'm leaving on that day to head up to North Haven for a few days fishing.
  4. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Lunch and catch up on a Sunday on the coast at somewhere like the Woy Woy Thai would work for me - much easier to organise than a catch up and fish where weather can be an issue.
  5. Hill373737

    boat session

    Yeah, I don't keep Cranka Crabs at my place anymore, I just let them hang out with the bream. Bream, oyster leases, expensive lures - thats going to end bad most of the time - although I think fish learn faster than fisherman ( or at least me) as I keep going back for more pain.
  6. Hill373737

    boat session

    Looks like a good session Dave - bream and oyster racks definitely test your nerve and your skill!! If I can manage to swerve an OS work trip in the last week of June, I'm planning to spend a few days on the oyster leases on Camden Haven River.
  7. Hill373737

    Long weekend photos

    Great photos, especially the reflection of the clouds and nose of the canoe!
  8. Hill373737

    Long weekend at Forster

    Nice work, looks like you had a great weekend's fishing up at Forster especially breaking the magic metre mark with the jew.
  9. Hill373737

    Haines Signature 575F built in 2017

    Hi Pete - I had a 575F a few years back, loved it for the type of fishing I mainly used it for ... have sent you a PM with some specific comments. steve
  10. Hill373737

    Anyone fished Toonumbar Dam recently?

    Thanks, the only reports I found were a few years old and they all said the bass were fairly small - was hoping that some may have grown a bit by now.
  11. Hill373737

    Newcastle Beaches

    Nice session, good sized whiting. This is a great time of year for beach fishing - plenty of options to target.
  12. Hill373737

    Anyone fished Toonumbar Dam recently?

    Just giving this a nudge - looks like no-one has been there in a while... or perhaps its some-one's secret bass spot. I'll post an update in a few weeks.
  13. Hill373737

    Need some help around the entrance (tuggerah lake)

    How long is a piece of string - it would depend on time of day, tides etc but if there isn't a heap of kelp floating around after the big swells from the past couple of days, closer to the ocean in the lake or off the beach near the channel would be my recommendation.
  14. Hill373737

    Need some help around the entrance (tuggerah lake)

    Agree with Rick on north side of the entrance, and if the swell drops the gutter along the beach near the channel would be worth a go at start and end of day. Also, you can wade out on the sand flat on the SW side of the bridge near the boat hire, with the buildup of sand the drop off to the channel isn't as pronounced as it used to be but there are flatties in there. Good luck!
  15. Hill373737

    Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Yeah, I don't spin for tailor anymore ....only for jewies!