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  1. Hill373737

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    When I'm not fishing: - occasionally do some work - few chores around the house - bit of bushwalking - mucking about with the boat and fishing gear Definitely not in that order!!
  2. Hill373737

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    Great to hear the flatties are about in Brisbane Water. Tuggerah Lake has also picked up in the past 2 weeks with plenty about - I think the warmer weather and plenty of rain has made a difference. Heading out tomorrow so hopefully its flathead for dinner again.
  3. Hill373737

    Strange centrepin for surf casting

    Pretty cool but all I could think of is running down towards the shorebreak to launch a big cast, then dropping the spool as you try and change it while running backwards to avoid getting wet. Makes you appreciate how simple and effective the Alvey design is.
  4. Hill373737

    Boating in Tuggerah lakes

    The only other thing to be aware of is there can be very big areas of weed floating on the surface - if its around, I always keep an eye on the leg of my motor and the transducer as it builds up there pretty quickly. Ourimbah Creek is fine, its speed limited so fairly straight forward to navigate, once you go under the Wyong Rd bridge you need to keep an eye out for snags.
  5. Hill373737

    Boating in Tuggerah lakes

    Oops - I spotted a mistake in the South Channel - its very shallow to the east of the channel but I think that would generally be called "land" rather than a sand-flat - I meant west, all fixed now.
  6. Hill373737

    Boating in Tuggerah lakes

    Hi k1ngy The lake is around 2.5m to 2.8 deep across the lake. There is no problem running across the lake, I regularlly launch at the Nth Entrance ramp and fish up Wyong River or Ourimbah Creek but you need to be aware of the shallow water areas around the edges of the lake. Not sure how big your tinny is but it can get pretty wild and choppy in the middle of the lake if its windy. On the Eastern side of the lake, if you want to get to the bridge, there is a choice of 3 channels that will get you there. If you have a look on Google maps using satellite view, you can clearly see the channels and the shallow flats around them. They are clearly marked with channel markers but remember there are no shortcuts as the water outside of the channel can be very shallow. There is also map at https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/maritime/usingwaterways/maps/boating-maps/8b-tuggerah-budgewoi-munmorah.pdf which shows the channels clearly. The West Channel which is probably easiest to get to from Chittaway comes in past Pelican Island into the main area west of the bridge. There is very shallow water to the north of this channel that runs across to the North Channel - at high tide you can usually drift across it though. The South Channel comes in past Picnic Point - you have to watch the shallow water west of the channel so as long as you come in around the channel markers at the mouth of the channel you should be fine. The North Channel comes in at North Entrance past the old co-op and through the channel beside Terilbah island and from there you can go under the bridge. The western side of the bridge is very shallow now, not much more than a metre deep but you can still get a boat through to the deeper area that is being dredged on the eastern side or go under the bridge to connect with the north channel. Hope this helps.
  7. Hill373737

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    Baz ... You were complaining recently about not going out for 2 weeks over school holidays (I'm with you) so I can't see a tank of your fuel lasting 3 years!! ?
  8. Hill373737

    The entrance

    Here are a couple of photos of the Channel from last Saturday - its a race now to see if the dredge finishes before the Channel completely closes.
  9. Hill373737

    Glenbawn Bass

    Nice bass - well done !! Must be time for me to plan another trip to Glenbawn. How was the green algae - when I was last there in April there was a fair bit up around the EaglesNest?
  10. Hill373737

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    What a week - wedding and a stonker GT - congratulations on both counts!!
  11. Hill373737

    Marine Park Concerns

    Waza - thats an excellent submission ... nice work!! There has been some press this week that the pollies are considering backing down on the proposal but we shouldn't let the pressure off - we're all fisherman and know the job isn't done till the fish is in the boat so if you haven't had a chance to make a submission yet or sign one of the petitions that are in some tackle shops .... get it done!
  12. Hill373737

    first session for bass season

    Great report Dave, looks like a good session, and definitely better than my donut today chasing bream in Wyong River.
  13. Hill373737

    Suggestions for a short trip away

    hey Volitan - have a look at the North Haven area - its head up there when I want a few days away. I take my boat but still fish land-based some of the time. The breakwalls are relatively safe and productive and there are plenty of spots you can flick lures for flatties etc from the shore. If interested, drop me a PM or give me a call on 0418214556 and I can point you at a few spots. steve
  14. Hill373737

    Looking for some Lake Macquarie tips

    I haven't fished it for a couple of weeks but its been a good winter for salmon and tailor and I suspect they are still in the lake and active. Try around Pulbah island - if you're lucky you'll find birds so you can hone in on them otherwise I usually troll looking for balls of baitfish then try casting. I have found smaller lures are better - 10g and 20g chromies for casting seemed to work best when casting.
  15. Hill373737

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    I thought when you took your kids fishing, you were meant to hook the fish and pass the rod to them to bring it in!!