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  1. Hill373737

    Photos of some local fishermen

    Great photos, thanks for sharing them.
  2. Hill373737

    Joining the weekday fishing brigade

    Good stuff, weekdays are a lot quieter, ramps are easier with less crowds. I fish most Mondays and Fridays, the only downside I find is I'm usually solo and sometimes when lure fishing I think its easier to figure out whats working and get onto fish with a couple of people casting different lures. Look forward to some reports.
  3. Hill373737

    Tyres for Ford Ranger

    I put Pirelli Scorpions on my Pajero about 10,000kms ago - very happy with them, good on the highway especially in the wet, I tow a boat, have been on the beach a couple of times and the odd barbie out in the Watagans. Big improvement on the Dunlops that were on it standard.
  4. Hill373737

    The Entrance Fishing

    Koalaboi, I agree, Its very quiet in the lake, I headed up Ourimbah Creek today to see if I could find some EPs or Bream - no luck there. Tried the usual flathead spots near Pelican Island on the way back and nothing happening there either. The water temp is cold - I was showing 13.7 degrees and the water level in the lake is fairly high, at 1pm today which would have been close to low tide at the entrance to the lake on the beach, all of the sand flats had a good cover off water over them. I noticed the dredge is getting closer down to the channel but not sure if they have a plan to open by machine once they have finished dredging. Hopefully they'll open it right up so the lake gets a decent flush.
  5. Hill373737

    Flatties on the Flats

    Nice work Regan, great trio of flatties to start the holidays!! steve
  6. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Great catch up today, good to meet a few raiders and many thanks to Luke for organising and to Wazza for the lures, will definitely let you know how they go. Have pencilled in 19th August , look forward to catching up again.
  7. Hill373737

    Min kota

    Sorry, can't help you with the boat charger, and no problem running the fish finder off the same battery other than it will contribute to the load on the battery anddrain it quicker, though compared to the electric motor, its minimal.
  8. Hill373737

    Min kota

    I think the Saltwater MotorGuide only comes with a remote, you can buy a foot pedal as an option. My first electric motor had a foot pedal and I prefer the remote. It hangs around my neck so can control the motor from anywhere in the boat. You'll need a 12V battery, mine is a 105AH Deep Cycle and separate to my start battery. I charge it with 240V external charger at home or sometimes if a long drive, using my car alternator with an extension lead with Anderson Plugs.
  9. Hill373737

    Min kota

    I have a MotorGuide Xi5 55lb on my Renegade 420 and can't imagine fishing without it now - in strong wind or current it will struggle to hold the boat on Anchor but I can live with that rather than go for bigger thrust and extra battery for a 24V system. Apart from Anchor, the Cruise Control mode is great when flicking lures along a flat or riverbank. When I shopped around, the MotorGuide was around $300 cheaper than the MinnKota - not sure how they stack up price wise now.
  10. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Perfect, I'll be there, looking forward to meeting a few fellow Raiders!. Thanks for making this happen Luke! steve
  11. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    8th July works for me!
  12. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Not sure how soon this will happen but I can't make it on Sunday July 1st as I'm leaving on that day to head up to North Haven for a few days fishing.
  13. Hill373737

    Meet up to talk fishing

    Lunch and catch up on a Sunday on the coast at somewhere like the Woy Woy Thai would work for me - much easier to organise than a catch up and fish where weather can be an issue.
  14. Hill373737

    boat session

    Yeah, I don't keep Cranka Crabs at my place anymore, I just let them hang out with the bream. Bream, oyster leases, expensive lures - thats going to end bad most of the time - although I think fish learn faster than fisherman ( or at least me) as I keep going back for more pain.
  15. Hill373737

    boat session

    Looks like a good session Dave - bream and oyster racks definitely test your nerve and your skill!! If I can manage to swerve an OS work trip in the last week of June, I'm planning to spend a few days on the oyster leases on Camden Haven River.