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  1. Hill373737

    Persistence payed off. Sorry long post.

    Great result, well done on getting it back!!
  2. Hill373737

    Fish Songs

    Interesting article KB - I wonder how long before a sounder manufacturer combines this with sonar / downvision to actually ID the fish. btw this wasn't what I expected from the Subject, I thought there'd be a list of songs such as Fishin' Blues by Taj Mahal or Fishing Sometime by Errol Gray
  3. Hill373737

    Jig heads

    One thing that I find with flatties on SPs is that it is always worth keeping the rod tip low and to the side so you don't lift their head out of the water which can result in losing the fish. I like Rick's idea of closing the gape on hooks, definitely going to try that.
  4. Hill373737

    It Comes in Threes, Right?

    Not good Baz - I hope you get it sorted and back out on the water soon. Its always great to get out but sometimes it just doesn't come together for all sorts of reasons - I was out on Lake Macquarie last monday and managed to get a new Personal Low - how big does a tailor need to be to be considered a chopper ... this one decided to eat a 2.5 inch GrubZ
  5. Hill373737


    I think its OK as fishing balances out the Wild Turkey - someone told me the Lord doesn't count the days you spend fishing against your allotted number!!
  6. Hill373737

    Trip suggestions

    Its outside of your 2-2.5 hour range but Dunbogan would definitely meet your requirements - great sand flat for pumping nippers and flicking lures in Gogleys Lagoon near the breakwall or over the North haven side.
  7. Hill373737

    GLENBAWN 2018 still holding a few fish........

    Football jigs!! ... oh no!! I'll have to buy more lures!! Great photos!! Looks like a good trip. Not sure if its been done before but I'd be keen for a raiders trip to Glenbawn or St Clair!
  8. Hill373737


    I've had a pretty good run - I'm a recently converted freshwater fisherman and this was my 5th trip to Glenbawn this year and definitely the worst result but all part of the learning process. If I went back again, would definitely focus more on finding fish in deeper water and targetting them - I thought they may have been yellowbelly when I found them so was surprised to get bass.
  9. Hill373737


    I headed up to Glenbawn on Sunday afternoon - my heart was hoping to get out for a quick fish on Sunday evening but my head said it would be too windy ... and it was. The wind dropped overnight and Monday morning was calm and clear. The fishing was tough - I finished with one bass in the boat and another lost after 5 hours of fishing on monday morning - nothing on surface lures and HBs around the snags and edges. In the end, the 2 fish were from marking fish in about 9 metres and throwing chatterbaits - I didn't get any interest with HB's there either. Its amazing how much the water level has dropped since I was last up there in February and March - on of the photos below is a snag I fished back then, we put the boat down through the gap in the trees on the right hand side of the photo, came out the back and up the channel thats left side of the photo. Still a great place to fish with amazing scenery - its a lot greener now than it was earlier in the year.
  10. Hill373737

    GLENBAWN 2018

    I decided not to risk it so I'm going to my other favourite spot up on the mid North Coast to fish Camden Haven / Hastings / Maria. Looking forward to the report.
  11. Hill373737

    GLENBAWN 2018

    Great photos and a couple of good sized fish - I'll take quality over quantity any day! I was thinking about heading up there this Thursday and Friday but the forecast for winds up to 45kmh doesn't sound like fun on Glenbawn.
  12. Hill373737

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    When I'm not fishing: - occasionally do some work - few chores around the house - bit of bushwalking - mucking about with the boat and fishing gear Definitely not in that order!!
  13. Hill373737

    Brisbane Waters Lizards

    Great to hear the flatties are about in Brisbane Water. Tuggerah Lake has also picked up in the past 2 weeks with plenty about - I think the warmer weather and plenty of rain has made a difference. Heading out tomorrow so hopefully its flathead for dinner again.
  14. Hill373737

    Strange centrepin for surf casting

    Pretty cool but all I could think of is running down towards the shorebreak to launch a big cast, then dropping the spool as you try and change it while running backwards to avoid getting wet. Makes you appreciate how simple and effective the Alvey design is.