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  1. Hill373737

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    What a week - wedding and a stonker GT - congratulations on both counts!!
  2. Hill373737

    Marine Park Concerns

    Waza - thats an excellent submission ... nice work!! There has been some press this week that the pollies are considering backing down on the proposal but we shouldn't let the pressure off - we're all fisherman and know the job isn't done till the fish is in the boat so if you haven't had a chance to make a submission yet or sign one of the petitions that are in some tackle shops .... get it done!
  3. Hill373737

    first session for bass season

    Great report Dave, looks like a good session, and definitely better than my donut today chasing bream in Wyong River.
  4. Hill373737

    Suggestions for a short trip away

    hey Volitan - have a look at the North Haven area - its head up there when I want a few days away. I take my boat but still fish land-based some of the time. The breakwalls are relatively safe and productive and there are plenty of spots you can flick lures for flatties etc from the shore. If interested, drop me a PM or give me a call on 0418214556 and I can point you at a few spots. steve
  5. Hill373737

    Looking for some Lake Macquarie tips

    I haven't fished it for a couple of weeks but its been a good winter for salmon and tailor and I suspect they are still in the lake and active. Try around Pulbah island - if you're lucky you'll find birds so you can hone in on them otherwise I usually troll looking for balls of baitfish then try casting. I have found smaller lures are better - 10g and 20g chromies for casting seemed to work best when casting.
  6. Hill373737

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    I thought when you took your kids fishing, you were meant to hook the fish and pass the rod to them to bring it in!!
  7. Hill373737

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Yeah, I love the butt!! It took a bit to get used to at first, now my other rods feel wrong. I have 2 and fish one with a 1000 and the other with a 2500 - when I swap between them, I prefer the balance with the 1000. Its light but they only come as a 1 piece which might rule it out for you if you are keen on a 2 piece.
  8. Hill373737

    Bream Rods with small butts

    Col Here is what I use - Crony Weapons II - might even be a shorter butt than the Rack Raider. Its 7'0", 4-10lb. PM if interested in more details and I can steer you to a shop that I know has a couple in stock as they are very hard to find. steve
  9. Hill373737

    Sea urchin study ( cull )

    Great piece of video and you have to love a bit of RL Burnside as the soundtrack!!
  10. Hill373737

    hit and miss couple of weeks

    Good to see you getting a few Dave - is that a Bubblegum GrubZ ... Greasy Prawn is my go-to for bream but always interested in seeing what others have success with?
  11. Hill373737

    Fish ID ?? (Numbfish)

    Looks like a numbfish, I've never caught one but did tread on what I think was one getting out of my boat in the shallows years ago at Jimmys Beach near Hawks Nest. Not pleasant.
  12. Hill373737

    2018 Boat Show

    I went last year on the Friday and it wasn't too crowded. I'm planning to go this year on the Friday again - catch a few of the presentation sessions and hopefully get a boat show bargain on a new sounder.
  13. Dodgy thermostat.
  14. I agree with the suggestions re having it serviced, if its not due for a service, find a mechanic who is happy to go out with you in the boat to ensure you can show him the problem. I had a weird issue with my 50hp 4 stroke where it ran perfectly up to 4200 rpm then would alarm and go to limp mode. No codes showed up in the workshop but 20 minutes on the water and the mechanic had it sussed.
  15. Hill373737

    Salmon on light gear

    Great report and photos Jon. I got a few in Lake Macquarie this morning on light gear from my boat although certainly not the numbers you caught. Well done!