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  1. Hey Rex, Thanks for the info. No we didn't hire from pelican marina, we did hire from him 18 months ago when we did this last time, but with the storms late last year he lost all of his jetty platforms and maybe his boats. We saw a pic on an internet news site of his 48 footer on its side sitting on the bottom in a shallow part of the lake. I don't think he ever recovered from that. It is a pity cause he gave us really good service when we hired from him. Cheers Vos
  2. Thank you all for your input so far. 4myson: were you in a boat or just fishing from the shore? Steve: definitely keen to catch up again and go offshore.
  3. Hey all, Heading up to lake mac next week ,hiring a houseboat for 10 days and taking my boat to fish from. If anyone could advise me of some spots and tactics to catch some fish that would be greatly appreciated. Have read all historical posts regarding fishing lake mac on this forum, but if anyone has anything to add please feel free to do so. Willing to target anything, flathead, whiting, bream, squid or jewies etc. Am fishing from a boat and using bait and/or SPs. Would really like to know somewhere I can pump some nippers or catch some poddy mullet. Thanks, Vos
  4. Hey Ed, bummer your +1 bailed hope that didn't spoil your plans. Not to worry there is always next time. Good luck out there if you are still going.
  5. I guess I will just buy the inshore ones then. Thanks guys.
  6. Seems like it is too cold for everyone, getting late now so pulling the pin for tonight.
  7. My offshore flares have expired, went to BCF to get some new ones and they only had inshore flares. The lady tried to tell me that these are also ok for offshore, but I wasn't going to take her word for it. So my question is, Is it illegal to be offshore with only inshore flares? I am guessing no, but just checking after what the BCF lady said. Cheers
  8. Hi All, Following NaClH2OK9 and Katoe out tonight to target gummies, my mate pulled out so looking for a +1. Need to get in quick as I would like to hit water around 3-4pm at latest. Launching out from Port Hacking. 5m quintrex fishmaster. Thanks
  9. Hey you got an esky or bag to keep the catch in? Being optimistic here.
  10. Yeah I got some bait pouches for them that we use and just usually freeze them again after, I could bring some frozen yakkas from last outing and change the bait in them as the baits in them have been down a few times.
  11. I got some crab nets, you want me to bring them along and we can set them in yarra bay while we fish?
  12. ok cool, yes the one opposite 69 hawkesberry esplanade.
  13. I will fill up that jerry can and bring it to give back to you.
  14. Was going to launch from Sylvania waters ramp around 4:30, maybe some pillies to get the yakkas and your fishing gear and food. I was thinking of heading back in around 2pm, see how it goes. I got no shade on my boat so bring a hat and sun screen if you need it, I do have a bimimi but I think it just gets in the way.