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  1. you can try around the bridge on the other side of the beach, caught some nice flathead there, or if you drive over the bridge out of the entrance there's a nice little channel on your left hand side, has some nice bream and flathead in it, If your going to fish at that wharf on the left side make sure you can cast out as far as possible. Or you can fish where the lake and beach meet caught some very nice whiting over there at new years don't know if they are still around, Prawns work best for flaties and worms for the whiting. Goodluck
  2. beautiful jewie there mate congrats on the great catch!!
  3. ibo07

    Easter Kings

    great report and nice kings you got there, i headed out to botany bay this morning no kingys just ended up with 4 salmon.
  4. top fish :thumbup: i havent seen any bream that size in a long time congrats
  5. nicee catch :thumbup: , i love those black tevally, great eating and they have no scales on them!!
  6. great bonito you got there nice sizes 2! great fighting fish did you see anyone catching salmon when you were there?
  7. what a top marlin great work :thumbup:
  8. great read and amazing fish mate congrats on the top catch!! :thumbup:
  9. ibo07

    Botany King

    beautiful kingy congrats on your catch :thumbup:
  10. ibo07


    if only these big reds knew were syd harbor is... amazing fish AEG congrats on the catch!
  11. hey mate as soon as you launch the boat down, as your driving straight away from the ramp there is a rock wall right in front of you in order to get out u need to go to the right, on the left hand side just before you head out where the rock wall is (you should see people fishing on the head of the rocks) its loaded with yakkas just drop down pilchard pieces and they will be all over you, park about 15meters away from the rock wall and try your luck! Goodluck
  12. awsome catch congrats on your jewie... im still waiting for mine i dont think sitting here is going to make it come any quicker!
  13. great flatties mate would of made a great feed!
  14. awesome video, great fish nice work mate