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  1. The whiting are on the bit at Burrill beach and , lake ulladulla is open for business and we need the tourist to come back
  2. Whiting and bream going well in Burrill lake, pumped a few squirt worms, slow start came on at the bottom of tide
  3. I find squirt worms out fish nippers every time
  4. pauls

    Burrill lake

    Fish coughs on worms at the low tide
  5. Bit cold on the lake, but the first of the whiting have arrived, just one keeper and my biggest lack fish
  6. Some nice bream, I think the whiting have moved out to sea
  7. The bream in Burrill lake are still on the bite, was after whiting but they will not bite on nippers
  8. Whiting and bream still on the bite at Burrill lake
  9. Look for small tubes coming out of the sand
  10. Pumped worms in the rain, fished in the rain, nice to beat the Burrill lake whiting whisper
  11. pauls


    Running sinker to size 8 hook, lake worms
  12. pauls


    Whiting still running hot
  13. pauls


    Lake worms, size 8 hook small running sinker
  14. pauls


    The whiting are early at Burrill lake