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  1. I know that motor well. Definitly sounds like the choke is stuck on. Although I found if it got flooded a bit it would take a fair run time or a good burst to get rid of the fuel and stop it being too rich. I take it you know the motor well? You do know that when starting the motor if you push the key imwards while turning it or cranking the motor that gives it choke.? I found my motor never wanted choke even after a long time off the water just a prime at the bulb and turn the key till it fires. No choke at all, if any one short push in with the key. They flooded easy and once they do a %%%%% to start and run rough and rich for a while. My mechanic told me that about the starting of that motor. Sounds like maybe the choke mechanism in the key maybe stuck on slightly, although if my old one had that much choke for that long it would not run at all no way. It might just need a real good run on the water at good revs to clear it out? Plugs oiled up a bit? Oil mix a bit rich? If that alarm sound doesnt beep to say all functions are clear maybe the replacement was not correct part? They are a good tough engine though Dave
  2. Good fish there. Rex. Yeh it was a cracker of a day and maybe the forecast kept heaps in bed. I would of seen 2 or 3 other boats the whole day out where we went. I thought the forecast was a good one.
  3. Well I didn't reply last night because I've been wrong plenty of times before. But todsy was a cracker. Today I got it right. Complete glass out from 9 -10 am. Blew slight Ne this arvo. There you go aye. You gotta go out. Can always turn it around and head for home.
  4. Variable to 10 knots on a 11-12 second 2 meter ground swell. the surf will be great, out wide you wont know it. No bars to cross in sydney.
  5. Cracker of a forecast. ill be out there. Further to your south though
  6. Do It.Best desision you will make. so quite, No smoke. My Yamaha four stroke has close to 800 hours on it now and has not had a hicup. Never stalled once from the time I hit the Key. You will start trying to hit the key while the motor is running in idle to start as you dont hear them idle. Mine is a F150 so heaps bigger but I love the Yammy four strokes. Will be going on every boat of mine. And my Last motor was a 90hp Johnson Ocean runner about the same age as yours. They are a great motor also but you just cant compare the fuel Econemy, Noise , Smell etc. They are magic Dave
  7. yeh its a 2stroke mate. Have you got the red plastic 20 litre fuel tanks? or under floor. 50:1 would be 400ml of 2 stroke outboard oil to 20 litres of fuel
  8. It sounds like you have a 2 stroke mate. And it sounds like you will have to mix the oil into fuel. at say 50:1 or 100: 1 Take a photo of the engine with cowling on and the cowling off and put it up here. Dave :
  9. If it is a Four stroke you dont add oil to the fuel nor is oil mwed with the fuel. if this is the case it is a 2 stroke. Check to make sure you have either a 4 stroke or 2 stroke. If you have a 4 stroke it shouldnt use oil just check it as you would check oil level in you car. Dip stick under the cowling. If it is a 2 stroke it will either have an oil resevoir and mixed automatically with the fuel or you mix it yourself into the fuel. Hope this helps mate Dave
  10. Hahaha That's a good one finin. Good joke
  11. If your worried about doing it than you probably shouldn't do it or your not prepared. I have spent some time fishing beyond the shelf at night and yes it is very dark. Like finin said you can't see shit About this time of year last year I was out 5-10 mile east of browns fished until about 10 pm. We lost all GPS it didn't worry me as I have a method of knowing what heading to head on my compass to get myself back in. I have spent a few not full nights but several hours on the shelf after dark but I started off doing night snapper trips offshore in like 30 m of water first. If I had to ask someone should I do it or can I do it, I wouldn't do it. It's what your confidence and experience tells if you should do it or not. My opinion only Dave
  12. Dfishin


    Dave Is on the money. Reef anchor for reef. Sand anchor for sand. Join with a good quality D for quick change over. I keep both anchors in the well. Both are very basic anchors ( Nothing Expensive ) Its more about your chain length. You need the Chain to hold the rop down so that the weight of your boat or load on the rope is pullig along the seabed not straight up. Make Sense? More chain anyway. Very rare drag anchor Dave
  13. I dont see a problem. we never did get clear shots when there is cloud cover. We have just had nearly a month of overcast rainy conditions I would of thought all SST providers would of been the same. Today with the first clear day in a long time we have good pictures again. Nothing has changed.